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Meet My Pet: Flash

October 2022 I chatted with Caellum about his adorable (my word not his), but lazy (his word not mine) pet bearded dragon Flash.  Flash wasn’t always his bearded dragon, he came to live with Caellum and his family because his friend Ryder was getting a new dog and he was worried that the dog might […]

2022 Fairview Family Festival & Film Night A Hit!

October 2022 Submitted by Michelle Stensrud The 2022 Fairview Family Festival and Movie in the Park was another grand success! This year’s movie was Disney’s “Encanto”, and by the size of the crowd it was the perfect choice! The weather was nearly perfect for the event – a bit chilly towards the end of the […]

Found in Fairview September 2022

September 2022 Kathy paints and creates glass jewelry in her studio located right here in Fairview.  She and her partner moved to the neighbourhood in 2020, because of the great location.  It’s close to everything including her partner’s work. They love going for walks around the neighbourhood and running into all the cats. Kathy has […]

Meet My Pet: Daisy

September 2022 Meet My Pet: Daisy This came in from Sam.  She has a couple of pets of her own but wanted to chat about her Granma’s dog! My Granma’s dog lives in BC with her. Her name is Daisy. Daisy comes to visit when my Granma and Poppa come to visit.  Daisy is a […]

Found in Fairview August 2022

August 2022 You have likely seen this month’s resident walking down your street with a giant yellow pole with the Scottish Rampant Flag proudly waving above his head. Likely, you didn’t think much beyond “cool, this guy loves Scotland.” Well, when I met with Ted the other day, I confess I didn’t ask about his […]

Meet My Pet: Bella and Happy

August 2022 I was super lucky to sit down with Max this week and let him tell me about his 2 pets. This is Bella. She is a big dog. She is a mutt. She is mostly black with a bit of brown. She has a white mustache and a bit of white on her […]

Found in Fairview July 2022

July 2022 Jacquie Brown, not to be confused with the Tarantino movie Jackie Brown, has lived in Fairview for 16 years. She has been making pottery for over 20 years. Jacquie first got interested in pottery thanks to her high school teacher, then went on to study at ACAD. At ACAD she made some very […]

Backyard Squirrels: Love ‘Em, but Please Don’t Feed Them

July 2022 The following article was sent to us by a Fairview Resident. If you have an article you’d like to have featured in Fairview in Focus, email news@fairviewcommunity.ca. Calgary is home to three species of tree squirrels, but it’s the Eastern Grey Squirrel that’s most dominant in the city. This introduced species is quite […]

Meet My Pet: Oakley and Kola

July 2022 This came in from Olivia. She doesn’t have a pet of her own but has been adopted by a couple of dogs on her street. This is Oakley! She is one of the dogs I see almost every day. She is a mixed breed, we think she is a beagle, retriever, and shepherd. […]