Found in Fairview August 2022

August 2022

You have likely seen this month’s resident walking down your street with a giant yellow pole with the Scottish Rampant Flag proudly waving above his head. Likely, you didn’t think much beyond “cool, this guy loves Scotland.” Well, when I met with Ted the other day, I confess I didn’t ask about his love for Scotland because I soon found out it wasn’t a flag pole he was carrying, it was a pedestrian stick. Ted explained that he is an inventor, and the pedestrian stick is one of his creations. It is brilliant in colour and a brilliant idea. The yellow colour is visible to pretty much everyone, and the flag matches the colour of the stick. The pedestrian stick has many uses: a walking stick, a notification to vehicles that you are coming out of a blind alley, grabbing the attention of drivers at intersections that maybe weren’t going to stop, and during the winters, a button pusher.

This is one of the many inventions that Ted has made in his 35 years in Fairview. He has upgraded his household composter, rigged up an expandable container for the back of his bicycle, and designed two new types of bikes.

There is the Fun Byke, which is a slower one speed bike. The frame is one size smaller than a regular mountain or street bike, but there is an upright handlebar so that you are not hunched over as you leisurely make your way down the sidewalk.

Then there is the Rolling Byke – this is the premium addition to biking! According to Ted, riding this bike is less like walking or biking, and more comparable to cross country skiing. The frame on the Rolling Byke is two times smaller than a regular bike so that both feet can be placed flat on the ground. Like the Fun Byke, there is an upright handlebar. This a super low maintenance Byke since it has no drive system! You propel yourself on the Byke by striding and then lifting your feet up to rest while you glide down the street.

I was too much of a chicken to take it out for a spin, but my assistant did and he loved it!

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