Meet My Pet: Daisy

September 2022

Meet My Pet: Daisy

This came in from Sam.  She has a couple of pets of her own but wanted to chat about her Granma’s dog!

My Granma’s dog lives in BC with her. Her name is Daisy. Daisy comes to visit when my Granma and Poppa come to visit.  Daisy is a Shitzapoo and had an underbite. She is super cute! She is a really tiny piece of fluff but she thinks she can beat up big dogs. 

When Daisy is here visiting I am her favourite!  She likes to curl up with me on my bed or the couch or wherever. She loves going for long walks up to 3 times a day. She is super energetic.  I wish my grandparents lived closer so i could see Daisy more often. 

Sam, thanks for introducing us to Daisy.  Hopefully we see you walking her on one of her visits.

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