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Welcome back to Fairview!

The community of Fairview, established in the late 1950's, is experiencing something of a renaissance. Once aging and deteriorating, in recent years we have witnessed a remarkable regeneration of our arena, former community association building turned community arts centre and a revival of our community association. We have welcomed many young families in recent years and continue to welcome back those who left many years ago. We are riding a wave of momentum to continue regeneration of our parks and playgrounds, build and expand our events and programs, develop strong ties to business and community groups and serve our greater community.

Our Vision:

To promote and enhance a healthy, safe and productive environment for the residents of Fairview by providing access to programs, services and information, all while establishing a sense of community identity and belonging.

Community News

Blackfoot Road Work

November 2022 Submitted by Michelle Stensrud I went out at lunch today for a nice romantic walk with the cutest 40 year old I know. Actually, it was a fact-finding mission that I tricked my husband into coming on.  For months there have been lane closures and detours while they are digging up of the side of Blackfoot Trail and Heritage Drive. … [Read More...]

Found in Fairview November 2022

In 1973, Paul and Joyce moved to Fairview. Paul was the assistant principal at Fairview school.   They bought their first house on Fraser Drive and lived there until 1978, when one of Paul’s students came over and told him about a bigger house for sale on Flavelle Road. The bigger house was perfect for their growing family.  Shortly after the move … [Read More...]

Meet My Pet: Fairy Garden

November 2022 This month’s pet is not a pet.  Emma and Chloe's dad has pretty bad allergies to all animals and they travel all the time.  So, to keep him safe and because they're not always around to take care of an animal, they don't have any pets.  Chloe did get Emma a fish once, but the temperature in the house is quite cool in the winter and … [Read More...]

Found in Fairview October 2022

When I was young, every October, my grandmother would have me and my siblings over one afternoon before Halloween to carve our pumpkins.  We would set out newspapers on the table, scoop out guts, and carve the faces.  It would take all afternoon and it was wonderful.  The jack-o-lanterns would stay on display until November. As I got a little … [Read More...]

Meet My Pet: Flash

October 2022 I chatted with Caellum about his adorable (my word not his), but lazy (his word not mine) pet bearded dragon Flash.  Flash wasn't always his bearded dragon, he came to live with Caellum and his family because his friend Ryder was getting a new dog and he was worried that the dog might eat Flash. Caellum isn’t quite sure how old … [Read More...]

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