Meet My Pet: Oakley and Kola

July 2022

This came in from Olivia. She doesn’t have a pet of her own but has been adopted by a couple of dogs on her street.


This is Oakley! She is one of the dogs I see almost every day. She is a mixed breed, we think she is a beagle, retriever, and shepherd. She is a well-trained dog and can do lots of tricks like whisper, etc. She is a very gentle dog when she is tired, but when she is energetic, she is crazy. When she sees me through her window going up to her door, she goes insane. She barks and basically breaks down the window. She loves food, me, and her owners!


This is Kola! She is the other dog I see almost every day. Kola is a Bernese miniature Aussie. She is a very sweet and gentle dog. When she runs after a rabbit or some sort of animal, she always comes back. She is a very loyal dog. When she sees me or her owners, she goes absolutely crazy. A funny thing about her is that she doesn’t give you kisses when you see her, she immediately turns around and puts her butt to you, asking for butt rubs. She loves tummy rubs, walks, me, and her owners!

Thanks Olivia, for sharing your special relationship with the dogs with us!

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