Meet My Pet: Bella and Happy

August 2022

I was super lucky to sit down with Max this week and let him tell me about his 2 pets.

This is Bella. She is a big dog. She is a mutt. She is mostly black with a bit of brown. She has a white mustache and a bit of white on her stomach. Bella is the same age as my sister, which is 13. That is old for a dog but young for a human. She can’t really play anymore because her legs are sore. She likes to eat cheese, but she doesn’t get it very often unless it’s an after-dinner treat. I love her very much.

My other pet is a bearded dragon. It is 1 year old, and we think it’s a boy. We just call it Happy. Happy is a bit longer than my foot. Happy changes colours depending on his mood. When he is grey, he is scared, when he is orange, he is happy, and when he is angry, he puffs up his beard. He is pretty orange right now. Happy likes to eat lettuce, crickets, and mealworms. Happy drinks water but doesn’t play in it. We got him some cat toys and took away the ones that he could eat so he just has some balls he like to play with. Happy lives in a big glass tank with a hammock, some pieces of wood, and a rock wall. Happy likes climbing. Happy is cold blooded and needs a heat lamp to live. Usually, bearded dragons live in a rocky desert. I think it has red rocks. Happy looks around out of his tank like “What’s going on!? Is something happening that I am missing?!”

We got Happy a little harness with wings on it and a leash. Sometimes when it’s hot outside, we take him for a walk, but not in the winter because it is too cold.

Wow Max! Thanks a lot. I can’t wait to see you walking your dragon!

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