Meet My Pet: Flash

October 2022

I chatted with Caellum about his adorable (my word not his), but lazy (his word not mine) pet bearded dragon Flash.  Flash wasn’t always his bearded dragon, he came to live with Caellum and his family because his friend Ryder was getting a new dog and he was worried that the dog might eat Flash. Caellum isn’t quite sure how old Flash is, but his mom says he’s probably close to 8 years old. Since Caellum didn’t name the bearded dragon, he can only guess that his name is Flash because if you put him down on the ground he will run off really fast.  One time, they put him down and he was off so fast that it took a few hours to find him again!

Flash lives in a big glass tank with 2 large climbing rocks, a little dome hiding place, and a hammock. He really loves the hammock. There is also a heat lamp to keep him warm.  Caellum let me know that Flash is pretty lazy lately – he used to like climbing on his rock, but now he just hangs out in his little dome. One time, though, Flash did something really awesome. He climbed up onto his hammock and stuck his arms up over the edge and jumped right out onto the couch!

Like most bearded dragons in Fairview, Flash eats lettuce, mealworms, and crickets.  Usually, they are alive when he gets them.  If he is very hungry, he gets superworms to eat.

Flash is not Caellum’s first pet.  He had a cat, Sebastian a long time ago, and compared to the cat Flash is pretty boring. He especially likes cats, because they don’t hibernate over the winter like bearded dragons.

Here are some fun facts about bearded dragons:

  • They can live for 10-15 years.
  • They really like snuggles and pets.
  • Just like cats and dogs, they need their claws cut, and, like dogs and babies, they enjoy baths.

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