Sparking Lot at Fairview Park

Sparking Lot at Old Arena Site

Hello Fairview,

At the old arena parking lot, behind Indefinite Arts center, we have some new additions. The Fairview Park Committee has added some new active stencils like Hopscotch, a maze, a mimic game, and a bullseye game.
Also, some volunteers (thank you Smulders) painted a Pickleball court! You have to bring your own net but there are lots of new things to do.

We are currently looking into raising money for new basketball nets where the old ones were. We will keep everyone posted when we have a plan. If anyone does know where we can get some City approved, fixed in place, basketball nets (lightly used or low cost), please let me know! We have approval from the City to put in permanent ones and the community will need to install them.

Thank You!

Wayne McNeely

Chair, Fairview Park Committee
Phone: 403-371-4644