Fairview Residents: Spring Fling Community Cleanup, Sunday May 5th

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Fairview’s 27th Annual Spring Fling Community Cleanup

Sunday May 5th, 9am – 2pm

National accessArts Centre (formerly Indefinite Arts Centre) parking lot

Fairview residents, come get rid of your junk at our very popular annual cleanup event. Offload your garbage, metals, electronic waste, used tires, large batteries and reusable household items.

Please note: there will be no separate organics truck this year – yard waste can be disposed of in your green cart or taken for free to city landfills from April 14 to May 28, 2024 – see City of Calgary website for more details.

Please make a donation on-site to ensure we can continue running our great programs and events – a trip to the dump would cost over $50! Memberships will be for sale at the event.

Want to volunteer? We’ve got a job for nearly everyone! We need traffic directors, pickup drivers (with truck), station supervisors, garbage “fling”ers,. Sign up for a volunteer position here if you can help! Lunch and drinks provided for all volunteers.

Need to register for a pickup? You must be a member, two trip maximum. Contact our pickup coordinators, Melody or Dave, at 403-454-8327 or email dave.eisenbart@fairviewcommunity.ca if you need pickup.


What is accepted?


  • Hazardous wastes – see City of Calgary Hazardous Waste Drop-Off for this. This includes all chemical wastes such as pesticides, fertilizers, paints and stains, aerosols, automotive oils and fluids, etc.
  • Fridges, freezers, AC units or other cooling equipment, propane tanks.
  • Large amounts of asphalt or concrete (small amounts may be acceptable), commercial construction debris.
  • Organics – yard waste can be disposed of in your green cart or taken to city landfills

Special thanks to the City of Calgary for supporting this event, Navajo Metals, Technotrash, Women In Need Society and Action Tyre for their contributions as well as NaAC (In-Definite Arts) for providing the use of their parking lot. And of course to all our volunteers for their help with the event!