14th Annual Bottle Drive – Saturday, May 25th

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Got a lot of bottles lying around? We can really use your help!

Fairview Community’s 14th Annual Bottle Drive

Saturday, May 25th 2024 from 10am to 1pm @ National accessArts Centre (formerly In-definite Arts Centre) parking lot.

Volunteers will be dropping off a garbage bag at your home the week before the drive. Fill the bag with your bottles, cans, juice or milk containers and leave it on your doorstep on the morning of Saturday May 25th by 10:00 am and we will pick it up (if you fill the bag and still have more, additional refundables can also be left for pickup). If you don’t have any refundables, enjoy the garbage bag on us!

You can also drop off your bags between 10am and 1pm on May 25th at the Arts Centre parking lot.

Not around on Saturday? Call or text 403-371-4644 or email

All money raised during this event stays in your community!