Fairview Park Committee

The Fairview Community Association has created a committee to explore potential options for the future of the former arena site. We have briefly reviewed the City of Calgary’s engagement results, and will now begin breaking down responses and looking at possibilities for the site’s future.

We are seeking additional Fairviewers to join the committee! Potential committee members should be prepared to commit some time to the project and be interested in exploring the engagement results, and any other relevant inputs, to assess fit with the two key principles the committee plans to use for consideration:

1. “8-80” which refers to the age range that any project in this area should appeal to.

2. “Urban Magnet Theory” which focuses on ideas of what could further benefit our already awesome community.

Spots on the committee are limited, and the group will be looking for members to represent the diversity of opinion and demographics in Fairview.

If you are interested, please reach out to Wayne McNeely at 403.371.4644 or by email.