Flavelle Park upgrades completed!

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completedAfter two years of extensive work on Flavelle Park and playground, we are very pleased to announce that all of the upgrades on this beautiful green space are complete as of mid-July, 2014! Please be sure to check out all the upgrades and use this park space to its fullest! If you scroll through the pictures above, you can see just how far we’ve come!


Update: Tuesday, July 15th, 2014:

Installation of the final benches at the playground were completed this week after concrete footings were put in last week. A plaque stand was also installed last week, followed by the final installation of our beautiful bronze donor plaque!


Update: Monday, May 12th, 2014:

All of the picnic tables were installed in the upper area last week along with one bench in the upper area. That was capped off by some fantastic sharp looking blue lounge chairs in the back of the park – be sure to catch some rays relaxing in these beauties! One bench from one of the picnic tables requires some repairs before installation. Lastly, two benches and our recognition sign are still to be installed in playground area and finally it will all be complete!


Update: Monday, April 28th, 2014:

 It’s hard to believe it’s been a full year, but work is underway for the final stages of Flavelle Park. The crews were out today to start the installation of the picnic tables, which look great! A couple of picnic table benches need to be installed, followed by our loungers and benches. Lastly, a donor sign for Flavelle playground will be installed. More updates coming soon!


Update: Wednesday, April 17th, 2013:

Crews managed to get some early spring work done on Flavelle Park during a couple of days of no snow, warm weather and a thawed ground.  A classy new jet black fence on the lower portion of the park was put in and adds a nice defining touch! Details for our park furniture are being finalized and we expect these will be installed some time this summer.


Update: Friday, October 19th:

Well, the work at Flavelle Park for this year has come to an end. On Thanksgiving Day a small community volunteer crew came out to do some of the edging of the tree and shrub beds. About half of the edging was completed, but it made a big positive difference in esthetics of the park. A special thanks to Melanie Wynnychuk and Robyn and Jeremy Boldt for their help with this. That same week, the city delivered a new garbage bin for the upper part of the park and replaced the large chain link fence with snow fencing to minimize trauma to the new sod. On October 13th we had a Grand Re-Opening of the Flavelle Playground which was a great success! Thank you to everyone who helped out and participated! More info will follow in a separate post from the Playground Committee. This week, the city planted our new trees – some Bur Oaks in the lower playground bed and some succession trees in the upper park. We will report back in the spring! Still to come: a new fence, picnic tables, benches and a sign.


Update, Monday, October 1st:

Some big things have happened at Flavelle Park this past week, most importantly is that the playground has finally been opened for business! The beautiful new shrub bed was completed quickly in the upper area of the park and all of the shrub planting has been completed. Today, the sod was replaced making a huge visual difference in the park! Don’t forget about the playground grand re-opening event on Saturday, October 13th, 10am!


Update, Tuesday, September 25th:

The remainder of the topsoil work has been completed and has been smoothed and rolled out in preparation for the new sod expected later this week. Yesterday, a new shrub bed in the upper portion of Flavelle was dug out parallel to the street to provide a natural separation from the road. Today, shrubs (donated by Focus Equities) are being planted in full force!

Update, Friday, September 21st:

Over the past two weeks the new pathway has been completed and the topsoil work in the lower portion of the park has been done. Many of the boulders have been moved into the various beds as accent/definition pieces and have made a big difference esthetically. An additional bed in the upper portion along the road is being planned (incorporating boulders and shrubs) to reduce park/vehicle interaction. Next week they are planning on planting all of the shrubs donated from the Focus Equities site, place new sod and, finally(!), reopen the playground. Stay tuned!

Update, Friday, September 7th:

On Wednesday, crews were out marking the lines for the pathway and new shrub bed in the lower section. Work continued this work with installing the swings and digger at the playground, removal of the upper portion of the fence and the old bench, backfilling of soil around the picnic table and sitting areas, and excavation of the pathway and new shrub bed in the lower section. The fenced off area has been expanded due to this additional excavation. Next week they are expected to do the slope regrading on the northernmost portion of the slope and, weather permitting, complete the new pathway and shrub bed. The playground reopening has been delayed until this work has been completed for safety reasons.


Update, Tuesday, September 4th:

The city has completed all of the tree pruning in Flavelle Park, removing all of the dead (and in some cases dangerous) limbs from all the trees. The pea gravel has all been delivered and spread and the backfill of dirt was completed today. The city also worked on expanding joining/expanding shrub beds to incorporate the new sitting areas in the upper area. The playground re-opening will likely be delayed longer than anticipated – more news soon.


Update, Wednesday, August 29th:

The city has been in this week completing the playground border and backfilling the soil outside of the border. Today they have started hauling in fresh pea gravel and spreading it around. Crews were also in today pruning all of the trees in the park! See pics above.


Update, Sunday, August 26th:

Well, the playground build was completed this weekend and it is looking great! We will have a separate posting about the build coming soon, so check back soon! The City will come in this week to complete the border, put in new pea gravel and inspect the structure before reopening it to the public. Just a few more days!

In other news, the concrete pads were poured on Saturday for our picnic tables and sitting areas in the upper portion of the park. The bench area for the lower area was not poured as we are not ready for that until the pathway and lower shrub bed has been sorted out. Huge thank-you’s go out to Inland Cement, the City of Calgary and Jeremy and Harold Boldt for all of their help in getting this concrete looking great! You may also notice that the two northern-most concrete pads have handprints in them around the border – these are courtesy of the playground builder’s children!

There is still a bunch of work to be completed, so stay tuned!


Update, Thursday, August 23rd:

The crews were working hard again today. The morning started off with the delivery of the porta potties by Pit Stop, the delivery of temporary picnic tables by the City, then the delivery of the playground equipment by Duckering’s Transport! The city crews finished building the forms for all the concrete pads and tamped the gravel in the forms. Work continued on the playground border and it looks like all of the shrub beds are finished! Tomorrow is the start of the playground build!

Update, Wednesday, August 22nd:

There has been some major progress at Flavelle Park this week! Pruning has continued on the shrubs and fresh mulch has been added to all of the shrub beds.  City officials toured the site on Tuesday morning to finalize some technical details. Since then, the playground footprint excavating has been finished and the new playground border has begun to be installed. On Wednesday, the crews removed the old picnic table and excavated the sites for concrete pads for the four new picnic tables and two sitting areas in the upper park. Gravel base has been added and snow fence has been placed around these excavations. The plan is to have forms built this week and concrete pads poured on Saturday at the same time as the concrete is poured for the playground. The cement is being generously donated by Inland Cement.
Focus Equities, our largest sponsor, in conjunction with Heninger Landscaping delivered about 20 large boulders to the site on Tuesday evening which will add some nice detail to the park. These rocks were donated by Focus Equities and graciously moved by Heninger from Focus’ sales office at Blackfoot Trail and Heritage Drive.
The City of Calgary should be bringing in some temporary picnic tables to the site as our new park furniture likely will not be installed until late fall or spring.
The playground build is set for this Friday and Saturday. Although our volunteer list is full, please stop by the site to say hello or take pictures. We will also be available to answer any questions regarding this exciting project. Along with 24 dedicated volunteers, our Ward 9 Alderman, Gian-Carlo Carra will be helping with the build on Saturday and filming a piece for Ward 9 TV (www.ward9tv.com). We have arranged many sponsors to help cover food and drink for our hard working volunteers – a list will follow soon!


Update, Wednesday, August 15th:

The work crews have been out again this week. They have cleaned out the remainder of the old playground footprint and have begun excavating for the site of the new playground. The excavation site has been fenced off. A separate crew was out on Tuesday pruning the very neglected shrubs in the park and they look much nicer! Stay tuned for more info this week!


Exciting things are happening in Flavelle Park!

(posted August 4th, 2012)

If you have strolled by Flavelle Park recently, you may have noticed that there is some work happening there! We were very fortunate that the City had set aside money over the next three years for established community green spaces. As luck would have it, we were already underway with reassessing our park needs, our Parks Survey and playground upgrades at Flavelle Park. Due to this fortunate timing, the City of Calgary Parks Department and the Fairview Community Association have worked together to get Flavelle Park a major facelift this summer and fall!

This past week, the city has removed the playground and a portion of the worn-out fence and over the next couple of weeks will be removing the remainder of the fence, the old bench/picnic table and old playground footprint.

Following that, they will prepare the site for new features, including the new playground footprint (moved away from the slope), a brand new pathway, cement pads for 4 new picnic tables and 4 new benches and a sitting area with shrub/tree bed at the playground (incorporating two of the four benches). The concrete has been generously donated by Inland Cement!

The Fairview Community Association along with BDI Play Designs Inc. and Penn West Energy will be installing the playground on August 24th and 25th (please see post regarding our call for help for volunteers on Aug 25th!)

Later, the city will be planting some new trees amongst the large poplars at the top of the park for succession planting, the shrub beds will be cleaned up, new shrubs will be planted (please see our volunteer call for help with the shrub work!), an additional new garbage bin will go in and a new fence for the lower playground area will be reinstalled. The shrubs have been generously donated and transplanted by Focus Equities!

The Fairview Community Association is also working out a few details on our contribution to the park which will certainly include a sign, along with a few other improvements.

Click on the link below to see the Flavelle Park Concept Plan:

Flavelle Concept Plan


And our final playground design:

Final Flavelle Playground Overhead Plan


And our final playground design 3D (click on picture to enlarge):


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