Spring Cleanup Events Wrap Up 2024

June 2024

Parade of Garage Sales
Our 25th anniversary for our Parade of Garage Sales was held on Saturday, April 25. We had very decent weather and a huge turnout which seemed to last longer into the afternoon than most years. Overall, a great success!

Huge thanks once again to our sponsor Ed Belanger for his unfailing support year after year! And thank you to the Fairview residents who held a sale and all the amazing support we had from patrons at this year’s event!

Spring Fling
We had an exceptional Spring Fling event on Sunday, May 5, our 27th year for this event (and Calgary’s original event… now a very large, city-wide program!) Luckily, the weather was just right and narrowly tucked in between some very rainy/snowy May days!

The day started off a bit slower than usual and around 10:30 am we had cleared the line. However, it picked up after 11:00 am and remained very busy right until the last minute (we do not suggest leaving your arrival until after 1:30 pm as the city trucks will leave at 2:00 pm sharp and even if you are in line at 1:30 pm, it does not guarantee you will get to dump in the city trucks).

We had over $500 in donations (thank you Fairview!) and almost $300 in concession sales which will go toward supporting our community events and association work. We are looking for a sponsor for this event going forward, so if you know of a good company that would be appropriate for this type of event, please let us know!

Thank you again to our amazing volunteer crew listed below – we cannot do this event without a solid force of volunteers! Special mention to Randy who made a very long trip to provide the backhoe to help crush our metals! Also, thanks to NaAC for the parking lot usage, the City of Calgary, TechnoTrash, EVRAZ/Navajo Metals, Women in Need Society (WINS), and Action Tyre.

Our amazing volunteers: Randy, Michelle, Les, Wayne, Nicole, Alicia, Becky, Jennifer, Krista, Mody, Chad, Warren, Devra, Pat, Regan, Kyra, Mike, Laura, Bonnie, Mark, Lorraine, Danette, Joyce, Audra, Angel, Ed, Ron, Cary, and Dave. Special shout out to the Fairview teens who came out to volunteer: Layla, Oliva, Ashlyn, and Adam. Thank you! Our apologies if we missed anyone!

We have had some feedback over the years about how the lines operate at Spring Fling, so an explanation is overdue. All residents dropping off any items at this event need to get in the main lineup that runs along Farnham Drive towards the ball diamond. Our volunteer line checker is trying to pick out vehicles that do not need the city packer trucks (e.g. who only have electronics, or just donations to WINS) to get them out of the line to speed up the whole process for everyone. The remaining line is for those who definitely need the city garbage packer trucks.
Other vehicles that are “jumping the line” are our volunteer pickup drivers. These drivers are donating their time picking up community association members’ items who don’t have the means to take them to the event, many of whom are seniors or disabled. Please be respectful of this.

Bottle Drive
As of our publishing deadline, we have yet to hold our 14th Annual Bottle Drive on May 25, so we will be sure to include a summary of this event in a subsequent newsletter.