Meet My Pet: Fairy Garden

November 2022

This month’s pet is not a pet.  Emma and Chloe’s dad has pretty bad allergies to all animals and they travel all the time.  So, to keep him safe and because they’re not always around to take care of an animal, they don’t have any pets.  Chloe did get Emma a fish once, but the temperature in the house is quite cool in the winter and it was not possible to keep the fish alive.

Instead, Emma and Chloe have a fairy garden. They have to look after the fairy garden as if it was a pet.  They have to water the garden, wash the figurines and houses, and maintain the garden growth.

Do you know much about fairies and fairy gardens?  I didn’t, so I asked them to fill me in.

There are different types of fairies.  Winter fairies, spring fairies, summer fairies, and the garden fairies like the one that visits Emma and Chloe.  There is a little door that attaches to the tree in the garden and it is through this door that their fairy, whose name is Suletia, writes them letters, replies to their letters and sometimes leaves little gifts for the girls. Along with sending letters and gifts, Suletia helps the garden grow. Because Suletia is a garden fairy, her wings are not able to fly in the winter, so she occasionally will send a winter fairy to be a mail carrier.

There are 11 figurines and houses in the garden.  All the figurines came from the girls’ great grandma.

Chole’s favourite is a grandma fairy with a baby on it’s shoulders, because it reminds Chloe of her great relationship with her grandma. Emma’s favourite is Frank the gnome.  She likes Frank because of the green colours of his jacket and his calm face.

The fairies are very fragile, so they do not spend the winter in the garden.  They come inside and live in a closet with some bigger fairies. So, when you are walking down the street and you see the fairy garden make sure to say ‘Hi’  – the fairies love it!  But, make sure you don’t touch them, they do not like that.

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