Meet My Pet: Bowser

August 2023

Today, while wearing my blue hat, I walked into Bowser’s lair. No, I did not go there to save a princess from fireballs – instead, I was visiting Fairview’s 16-year-old vegetable-eating tortoise! Bowser is an African Spurred Tortoise, which is also called a Sulcata Tortoise.

Bowser has lived in Fairview with Jade and Sloane and their family for about 7 years. He came from a family friend who had to move away to Kelowna. How hard could it be to take care of a tortoise?! Well, Bowser could live for 100 years, so it might not be hard, but it’s definitely a long commitment!

Bowser loves hot weather. In the summer, he lives outside in an area about the size of a driveway. He has a little dog house to go into for naps, and there is a heat lamp in there if he is feeling a bit chilly. Once a month, Bowser is invited into the house for a shower, which he loves! On other days through the summer, Jade and Sloane will give him a spray with the hose and fill his little pool bucket. The winters are too cold for Bowser to live outside here in Calgary, and he is not litter trained like a cat, so he isn’t welcome in the house. He has his own space in the garage which is actually warmer than the house. Lucky guy!

Bowser loves all vegetables carrots, peas, and cucumbers. He especially loves strawberries and dandelions. Be careful if you ever visit Bowser – he mistook my big toe for a delicious snack and chomped right down on it!

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Michelle Stensrud, Roving Reporter