Paint the Pavement

May 2023

At the last Fairview AGM, we put a call out for people to help with “Paint the Pavement”. One late October weekend around 20 volunteers got together to express their creativity, visit together and play a part in creating safer streets. The finished painting was briefly shown in the newsletter before the snow hit! Now, half a year later, the snow has *finally* melted and spring is revealing all the creativity the community put into this amazing pavement art!

We’ve noticed that the exit from the alley made the mountains and the beautiful Fairview tree peel a bit, and we’ve noted where touch-ups are needed. The side showing downtown, the Calgary Tower and the dog looks like it has stood up well!

To recap the story behind the art, local kid Oliver Eisenbart drew up rough plans for the image, and then we hit the streets talking to the wonderful residents who live in the vicinity. We discussed how this addition might give the cut-through traffic a bit of a pause as they zoom through our neighbourhood. We live here, we play here and we want people to remember that!  The pump track and Flint Park are such great spots to gather with neighbours and I hope you’ll stop to admire the bright colours and puppy dog on your way. Another thing to check out around Fairview is the set of stenciled games painted on the asphalt at Fairview Park, behind the NaAC. There are a bunch to try!

The Beautification Committee is also exploring the possibility of piloting gathering spaces – think seating, lawn games, and friends – in open areas in Fairview such as Flavelle Park.

What spaces do you frequent most? What do you like about them? What do you envision for the spaces around you? Do you see more greenery, more chairs, a community garden, a lawn bowling area, or some natural boulders for climbing? The possibilities are endless!

Email us to share your ideas for our community. You’re also more than welcome to come join our committee so we can continue creating more beauty in Fairview.