Heritage Communities Local Area Plan

The Heritage Communities Local Area Plan (LAP) was approved by the City’s Infrastructure and Planning Committee on April 5, and now will move forward to Council on June 20. The FCA has been involved in the working group, composed of community association reps, residents, and some industry reps, since it began in 2019.
Fairview and Fairview Industrial currently have no neighbourhood-level plan to guide change over the next 30+ years. After 3+ years of discussion and public engagement, the LAP shows where growth could happen and what it could look like in Fairview and the other Heritage communities. It also includes guidelines for other policies including things like transit, cycling/pedestrian routes, green spaces, and so on.
The FCA submitted a letter of qualified support for the plan in its current final draft form, and welcomes input and questions from residents. You can contact our working group rep, Elizabeth, with any questions.
Useful links:
The Heritage Communities LAP site at the city: https://engage.calgary.ca/heritage