Found in Fairview

December 2021, Fairview In Focus

Not many people are wandering around Fairview’s alleys, but you may want to head over to south Fyffe Road alley to take a look at the stunning summer-esque mural painted on the fence of number 71.

John Beckett is a long time Fairview resident. After running out of things to paint last year, he decided to paint his back fence with a flower mural.

Since then, he has received a lot of positive feedback from neighbours, strangers (like me), and kids.

He hopes that his mural will inspire other people to keep the alleys fresh, bright and well kept.

John is mainly an oil and acrylic artist who is beginning to dabble in airbrushing.  He is currently working on a Halloween skull!

You can check out more of John’s work on his Facebook page Artist John Beckett. Maybe it will inspire you to add some colour to your back alley.

Sloane (8) says the fence makes her happy. She loves the paintings and when she walks by it makes her feel good.

This might be enough to keep your heart warm over the long cold winter

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