Flint Park Revitalization Update

Were you in and around Flint Park during the months of September or October? If so you probably saw the guys from Bike-Track working hard on the pump track. Between snowstorms, windstorms, and freezing cold mornings, they started to bring the track to life.  It took countless truck-loads of road crush and clay to get all the berms and rollers built and shaped. Just as we were getting ready to install asphalt and sod right around Halloween the weather turned even uglier. All of the delays from the cold, wet weather meant that it was now too late to finish the track this year. But the good news is: this shouldn’t delay the opening of the track at all.  It was not going to be feasible to open the park this season anyways and so after we install the asphalt and sod (and a bench, a bike-rack, and a few other things) next Spring, we should be able to open up with little to no delay compared to if we had finished the track this Fall. Right now we can probably target a late May opening date but that will have to be determined in the Spring.

Expect the construction fence to stay up all Winter, as we need to keep people off the track until it’s completed.  Thanks for your patience, as we know many people are excited to try it out!

As always, thanks to the groups who have helped us out with their support: Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission, Parks Foundation Calgary, NAK Design Strategies, Calgary Aggregate Recycling, Maglin Site Furnishings, and Alberta Construction Rentals.

Finally, check out the video of James from Bike-track doing a lap around the track. Notice how he’s not pedaling? That’s why they call it a pump track. You can make it all the way around the track just by pumping over the rollers and around the corners.

Bike Track 360_Video

Bike Track Test_Video