Fairview Pump Track Season Wrap-up

The Pump Track opened on July 17th 2020 and we were officially the first asphalt pump track to ever open in Calgary. Quite a milestone for our small humble Community!

The word quickly got out and at times it seemed like all of Calgary was coming to check out our new park. We heard rave reviews of the track, and there were people coming from over an hour away to check it out. With so many other summer holiday plans, day camps and other activities in limbo due to COVID-19, the track really opened up at a fortuitous time to give people a new place to go outside and be active. Next summer should be quieter as life will have (hopefully) returned to normal, and there are more Pump Tracks being planned and built in the City which will further disperse the crowds.

Going forward, there will likely be some tweaks to the setup of the park, most notably to address parking and safety issues posed to cyclists coming and going from the park. The exact details will be sorted out this off-season, but you can expect a more orderly approach to parking in the alley which may also include restrictions on parking in certain areas. This will ensure residents and users of the alley can still move about safely.  We are also looking at installing another garbage can at the park. Finally, the donor sign is just about done so all of our corporate and personal donors can expect to see the permanent signage recognizing your donation go up soon.