Fairview Park Old Arena Site Update

Fairview Park Old Arena Site Update

Wonder what’s going on at Fairview Park?

Last fall, we started a Fairview Park committee. Our mandate was to analyze the city engagement information and discuss the possibilities of the area. The committee meets once a month and shares ideas.

In October, we were approached by University of Calgary design students who offered to draw up a community space. It was a wonderful process where we got lots of ideas and inspiration.

As of today, we have been informed that the Indefinite Arts Centre will be moving out of the centre and moving to West Hillhurst (old scouts building). The city has said that the old community centre is past its life cycle, so the current plan is to demolish everything and lay down more grass. The Fairview committee is working with the community board to lobby towards saving some of the remaining amenities to try and salvage a more active and versatile space. We are confident we will be able to do something with the space in the future.

Moving forward, the committee will be looking at creating some events to get more feedback and ideas from the community. If you have any questions, concerns, thoughts, or ideas, please feel free to contact Wayne by email  or phone 403-371-4644.