Fairview Park Committee Update November 2021

Hello Fairview,
The Fairview Park Committee has been continuing to work on the Fairview Park over the summer. Here is a quick update. Please note that we will be downloading pictures and plans on our website so make sure you check it out!

Please note that anything the committee is working on is just conceptual and will need lots of communication and work with the City on any project in that space. I can tell you that my experience with Parks has been great. Our first step is to put our ideas on “paper” then talk to the City about how we can make it a reality.

The Fairview Park Committee is putting together a proposal to build a facility at the old arena site. The current idea is a multi-use ice rink, covered outdoor rink, and community centre. Renderings and plans are available on our website.

The City of Calgary is supportive of revitalizing the space; this is why they had put together the Community Engagement in 2019/20 and continue to support the committee and Community Association. Sadly, Calgary Recreation determined that Fairview was not a site to invest in, in terms of a new City capital build or recreation facility. This decision was based on City Policies in place.

The balance of the $4.3M in insurance that was acquired by the City when the arena collapsed has been used to upgrade and repair other facilities in Calgary. Although none of the money will be used in Fairview, the committee is working diligently with contacts at the City for support for projects. There are still many people who see Fairview’s true potential. (We are small, but we are mighty).

To relieve some of the pressure of the missing ice at Fairview, the City is moving forward with a proposed Glenmore Athletic Park Twin Arena Project. This will replace the old Stu Peppard Arena at 5300 19 St SW that is past its lifecycle.

If you have any questions, further clarification, or comments, please feel free to contact me by email  and I would be happy to talk more.

Wayne McNeely
Director at Large | Fairview Park Committee