Press Release – Fairview Community Response to Fairview Baptist Church

For Immediate Release

January 10, 2021

Fairview Community Response to Fairview Baptist Church

To respond to recent activities and corresponding media reports, the Fairview Community Association (FCA) has written a letter to Pastor Stephens (below) to ask the Fairview Baptist Church to reconsider their position and activities as it relates to the COVID-19 Public Health Measures.
As a community and board we aim to emphasize inclusion and respect, and hope that the Fairview Baptist Church can change their course.

January 10, 2021
RE: Active Disregard for Provincial Public Health Measures
Dear Pastor Stephens:
The Fairview Community Association’s (FCA) would like to express our board’s disappointment in recent actions by the Fairview Baptist Church (FBC) leadership and members, which demonstrate ongoing disregard for community safety. Learning that your church was recently flagged and fined by Alberta Health Services (AHS) was distressing and showed a lack of care for the health and well-being of Fairview residents and the general public.
Fairview is made up of a diverse group of residents, from a variety of backgrounds and faiths, but we all want a safe and welcoming community to call home. Over the past few weeks, many Fairview residents out and about in the neighbourhood – on foot, on bikes/pulling sleds – have noticed the church’s busy parking lot with cars spilling onto the street. Many have expressed concern for their families’ health as they pass the church as well as frustration that large gatherings will make it more difficult for us to ‘return to normal’.
Prior to the pandemic, the FCA has used FBC space to host events which required a large gathering space such as our Annual General Meeting. The FCA board has passed a motion indicating that we will not host meetings at the FBC for the foreseeable future, including when it is once again safe for large gatherings. It is important that our residents feel welcomed an encouraged to attend our meetings and FBC’s choices do not reflect values that are aligned with our goals.
Today’s events that included Calgary Police and a large media presence, and the purposeful disrespect for occupancy maximums, masks, distancing, and other mandatory Public Health Act orders is frustrating residents, and does not convey a message in keeping with the spirit of our community.
We are hopeful going forward your church will do what is necessary to minimize risk and to role model behaviour and choices that will protect our community – our neighbours and Fairview residents, but also the larger provincial population.
Please do not continue to ignore the health of our community.
Regan Klyn
Board of Directors – President
Fairview Community Association