Fairview Community Building Update

February 2019
As of January 10, 2019, we have no further update regarding the arena site.


December 2019

Arena & Indefinite Arts Centre Update

As of November 8, there have been no significant updates since the September 20 stakeholders meeting. We hope to receive more updates and timelines from the City in time for our January newsletter.


November 2019

Arena & Indefinite Arts Centre (Fairview Community Building) Update

The Fairview Community Association Executive Board Members attended the first City-led stakeholders meeting held on September 20, along with representatives from the Southern Alberta Women’s Hockey Association/Fairview Women’s Hockey Arena Society, In-definite Arts and the Ward 9 office.

Here is an update from the City as of September 25th:
• The City is awaiting a final report on causation from the insurance companies’ engineers. We are unable to comment on any possible causes at this time.
• Upon review of the draft report in the spring, the Insurer requested additional investigation to further inform the report. It is anticipated that the causation investigation will continue for several months.
• The City’s Risk Management and Claims department are working closely with the Insurers and will inform if, and when, additional information can be released.
• The length of time to determine the long term capital plans for the Fairview site is not yet determined.