Fairview Pump Track

Temporary Closure September/October 2021

The Pump Track will be closed for 3-4 weeks beginning the week of September 27th. Many areas of dead sod will be replanted and need to establish before the track can reopen. The Sod acts like a protective blanket around the asphalt, preventing damage and so that is why the damaged areas are being replaced. During the closure, the pump track will be fenced off. No users should enter the track at any time until the fences come down. Thank you!

About the Fairview Pump Track

The Fairview Pump Track, located at the Southwest end of Flint Park was Calgary’s first asphalt pump track, opening on July 17th, 2020. This park was built by The Fairview Community Association, and is now operated by The City of Calgary. A committee began looking into what kind of park asset could go into the scenic vacant space of Flint Park in the Spring of 2018, and a community engagement event called Bocce and BBQ was held on June 2nd, 2018 to help decide what should be built. As we all know, a Pump Track was at the top of the list! Construction began in September 2019 by “Bike-Track” of Airdrie, Alberta and was completed in June, 2020. For more info you can contact the Fairview Community Association.

THANK YOU to all the users who have stopped parking in the alley behind Fairview Drive. Remember, The City of Calgary Traffic Bylaw has always prohibited parking in the alley behind Fairview Drive. CALGARY PARKING AUTHORITY CAN TICKET YOUR VEHICLE IF YOU ARE PARKED ANYWHERE ALONGSIDE THE ALLEY OR ON THE GRASS.

Where can I park legally?
-There is an abundance of parking on nearby streets. Please be courteous and keep your stay short, and do not block driveways or garages or you will be ticketed.
-Support a local business and ask if it’s okay to park there
-Ride your bike to our bike park. Our scenic tucked away location was never intended to be driven to. Priority is given to the safety of users walking and biking to the park.
-We still welcome all kinds of visitors from all parts of Calgary. You just can’t park right at the track anymore.

-A small, permanent parking area is being planned for the area adjacent the pump track, however, that will not be ready for this summer.



We also want to give a shout out to the organizations and companies who have donated or helped to fund our project:



Additional funding provided by




Thanks to for all their hard work designing and building an amazing looking project.