Fairview Pump Track

Fairview Pump Track: Please read before your visit:.

Now that the pump track has been open for over 2 months, there are some things we need visitors to do to keep the track a success:

  1. Parking: There is not enough room for every visiting car to park in the alley. Please try not to drive, and if you do, please don’t pull your vehicles into the middle of the freshly planted grass. Pulling over so 2 tires are on the edge of the grass if fine; driving into the middle of the field or up on to the berms is not. There is street parking nearby. (See the notes below regarding how to adhere to parking bylaws)
  2. Regarding the grass: The park is more successful than we could have imagined. That is great!  But the grass is getting a little beat up. Please try to ride only on the asphalt if you can.
  3. Dogs: They are not allowed at the track at all, even if they are on leash. Free running dogs are a huge hazard to riders and there is not enough room on the start hill for dogs on leashes.
  4. Many people have asked how they can help: If you live in Fairview, please support our community by purchasing a membership for $15. Go to http://fairviewcommunity.ca/get-involved/membership

Before you visit, you must read this regarding access:

The park is located behind Fielding/Fairview Drives SE. Alley speed limit is 15 km/hr

Since the park is located off back alleys, there is no official parking. Please ensure this park is a success by biking to the park if possible. (It is a BIKE park after all)

You can also park legally on Fairview Drive, only a 30 second bike ride from the park.

If you do park in the alley, you must follow the Calgary Alley Parking bylaw (26M96-27)

You are not allowed to: leave less than 3 metres of roadway free.

Or park within 1.5 metres of a garage entrance.

If you do, you are in violation of the bylaw and can be ticketed.


Our fundraising campaign with The Parks Foundation Calgary has now wrapped up. We collected over $6,000 in donations from the community. WOW! Thanks to everyone who donated.


We also want to give a shout out to the organizations and companies who have donated or helped to fund our project:



Additional funding provided by




Thanks to for all their hard work designing and building an amazing looking project.