Fairview Pump Track

Fairview Pump Track: Spring 2021 Update

3 quick updates for everyone regarding the Fairview Pump Track

  1. A reminder that neither the City, or Fairview CA is performing snow removal on the pump track. But with the warm weather in the forecast it is only a matter of time before the sun melts the snow away. In the meantime we would ask that people please refrain from using snowblowers, or ice chippers to speed up the process since that could be dangerous or damage the asphalt. In case you’re wondering, the picture above was taken on March 4th.
  2. Did you donate to the pump track through our Parks Foundation Campaign in the Spring of 2020? If so you should have received a tax receipt by email. Check your junk mail folder if you did not receive one or email dsakauye@parksfdn.com to get it resent.
  3. For 2021 and onwards all users should plan on biking or walking to the Pump Track. The alley on which Flint Park (and the pump track) are located is technically a No Parking zone according to the Calgary Traffic Bylaw. In the past there was very little enforcement taken against those parking in the alley, however, given how busy the Park has gotten, official signage will be going up shortly reminding drivers that there is to be no parking in the alley. This is to ensure the safety of those responsible users who are accessing the park on foot or by bike.


We also want to give a shout out to the organizations and companies who have donated or helped to fund our project:



Additional funding provided by




Thanks to for all their hard work designing and building an amazing looking project.