Imagine Fairview – Report back to the community!

On Saturday, April 16th, residents of Fairview met with students from the University of Calgary urban studies program and the Federation of Calgary Communities to present their report back to the community regarding Imagine Fairview. This was a continuation of the Imagine Fairview world cafe session held back in January. Students presented various forward-thinking visions for both Fairview, Fairview Industrial and Manchester on the premise of this concept:

Today we live differently than we did 50 years ago and in 50 years time we will live differently from now.

The session started off with introductions, followed by some very interesting, engaging and informative videos created by the students on Fairview and Manchester that discussed their past history, their development and current state of affairs. They are captivating short videos that are not to be missed!

You can see these videos on our Imagine Fairview website here.


Following these videos, students presented their exciting visions for these communities that incorporated a variety of unique designs, community-oriented development, great public spaces, multi-modal transportation options and varied services, shops, restaurants etc. that would service local residents in their “complete community” and allow Fairview citizens to stay in their community through all stages of their lives.

Imagine Fairview - Report back to the community: Saturday, April 16th, 9am at In-Definite Arts