Meet My Pet: Mac

July 2023

MacGyver Von Floof, or “Mac” as he is now known, came to live with Clara, Liam, and Charlie’s family about 2 years ago.  Mac was born on the Stampede Midway* and was originally called Deep Fried Mac and Cheese Balls**.

This family of 5 had a cat before and were ready to try their hand with a new type of pet. Knowing how busy their lives already were, they were looking for a family pet that was pretty easy to raise, and didn’t shed too much. Mac the labradoodle fit the bill!

Mac is huge! When he stands up on his back legs he is nearly as tall as Liam and Charlie. Clara is still short enough that she could ride him like a horse!  In fact, she did try once, but fell off because he is not a horse. Mac is also really strong. Walking him still requires a parent around to hold onto the leash.

You might think that a puppy formally known as Deep Fried Mac and Cheese Balls would love Mac and Cheese, but he prefers raw food, kibble, peanut butter and bananas!

Generally, Mac is the chill member the family was looking for.  He does get hyped up over a few things: he gets excited over freshly falling snow and bubbles, he loves getting his tummy scratched, he really loves the freezing cold water at the river and he especially loves kissing the kids all over their faces.  The kids do not love the kisses when they come right after he has eaten.

Mac is a lovely dog and I’m glad to have met him!

*this is not accurate

**this is accurate

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