Fawn Playground Plans

3D - A02550-5-C1-J02700

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Fawn Playground Update

After much deliberation, reworkings and funding discussion, final plans for the Fawn playground have been finally sorted out! This proved to be by far our most challenging playground.  First, its size – Fawn Park it our smallest footprint. Thankfully when the city came and did park improvements they were able to move the pathway, so now instead of the current long rectangular footprint, we will have more of a trapezoid(ish).  Our second challenge was coming up with a completely different playground within our budget. Saying that, due to the type of playground equipment we envisioned for Fawn Playground (and the poor Canadian dollar), we were a little over our initial projected amount. So after many months of revisions and conversations with the suppliers we finally came up with two designs we were happy with. In December at our Skate with Santa event we unveiled two designs and let children and parents vote. The resounding outcome was the design you see here. We are currently awaiting formal approval to use our Gaming funds for this project as well as approval for CFEP (provincial government) funding – keep our fingers crossed for a late summer/early fall build!

Fawn final design:blueprint 2D

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