Bowling with Santa 2023

January 2024

On Sunday December 10, 2023 the FCA hosted Bowling with Santa at Toppler Bowl. The event was well attended with over 60 bowlers and many kids who had a chance to visit with Santa. We were fortunate to have received funding from Ward Community Event Fund, which allowed us to send all the kids home with a snowman ornament craft and treats from local vendors, Olde Fair Popcorn and Candy Multiverse.

The event was well organized by Melody Eisenbart and Alicia Davis. Megan Federow, Les Sorenson and Ralph Schempp were on hand the day of the event to help out.

Thank you to everyone who came down to Toppler Bowl to take part, and all the organizers, volunteers and supporters! It is great to see so many people out to enjoy community events, we are looking forward to our next event!