Blackfoot Road Work

November 2022

Submitted by Michelle Stensrud

I went out at lunch today for a nice romantic walk with the cutest 40 year old I know. Actually, it was a fact-finding mission that I tricked my husband into coming on.  For months there have been lane closures and detours while they are digging up of the side of Blackfoot Trail and Heritage Drive. I needed to know what was going on!

As we got closer to the construction space I called out to the closest person, the excavator driver, who was really nice and answered all my questions. So, in case you were wondering what the deal is with that space, I’ll tell you;

A new dual turn lane with lights and a crosswalk is being put there.  According to the excavator driver, it is going to be similar to the one that is already in place at Blackfoot Trail and Southland Drive.  I checked it out on and it is called a Dual Lane Signalized Right Turn.  Here is what they say about it:

‘A dual lane signalized right turn adds another turning lane for motorists. It also includes a traffic signal indication for right turning traffic with a separate traffic signal phase when they can turn.’

I asked if the excavator driver thought it would encourage more traffic onto Heritage Drive.  He didn’t think it would.  He thinks it is more like looking to the future and trying to stop traffic flow problems before they start sort of thing.

So, there you have it, we are finally getting a convenient crosswalk to get to the Calgary Farmers Market, and dual turn lanes.  I know one of those will be great, and the other, well, only time will tell.

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