Volunteers needed for Fairview’s casino fundraiser, November 29th and 30th

We have a few more day and evening spots on both days to fill for our upcoming casino – please let us know if you or anyone you know can help out!

The Fairview Community Association has a very important fundraising event coming up in November and we need your help!

When: Monday and Tuesday, November 29th and 30th

Where: Elbow River Casino

What is required?

We require about 40 volunteers each working roughly 5 or 9 hour shifts. Volunteers must be 18 years or older. No experience is required and volunteer jobs are extremely easy with lots of down time. A meal is provided for volunteers and reasonable travel and babysitting expenses are also covered. Approximate shifts times are: 11:00am to 7:30pm; 6:30pm to 3:30am; and 10:30pm to 3:30am.


How can you get involved?

Call and leave a message at 403-252-5424 or email us.


Why is it so important? 

This is by far the biggest fundraising event for this community. We typically receive $40,000-70,000 from this two day event, requiring only about 40 volunteers. It would be very hard to ever raise this kind of money with local events. This money is spent on things to make this community a better place!


What have casino funds been spent on?

A large portion of our recent casino funds have been spent on our Fairview Pump Track project, various events/programs and a small amount of operating expenses for the community association:

$103,000 on the Fairview Pump Track project

$7,700 on our Fairview Family Festival & Film Night

$8,900 on Playground and Outdoor Rink equipment

$13,500 on operating expenses of the community association including insurance, office rent, phone, printing expenses and our newsletter

$4,000 on the last Hazardous Waste Event


What are the plans for future casino funds?

The community association plans to use upcoming casino funds to pay for ongoing Fairview Family Festival & Film Night, promotional materials and 10% of casino funds towards operating expenses. Other possible expenses under consideration include replacement of the IDA marquee sign, community marker sign(s), and possibly Fairview Park improvements. The community association is continually evaluating possible projects and events/programs that would be eligible for casino funds.