Share the Ways You Get Around and Exercise in and Around Fairview

April 2022

We would like to profile some of the various ways Fairview Residents get around, exercise and have fun.

Are you someone who:

  • Commutes by bike to work downtown? (Or anywhere else for that matter)
  • Uses transit on a daily basis to get to work?
  • Has a great jogging route within or beyond the community?

We would love if you could share your route or your experience so it can be featured in a future edition of Fairview in Focus. With gas prices now at eye watering levels, and many people back to work in offices downtown, your advice and experience could help people save some dough, and the environment at the same time! I’ll get us started with the“Stairs of the South”

Fairview itself doesn’t have much in the way of big hills to run up and down, but within a short distance there are some great stairs to run, if interval training is your kind of thing! The great thing about running stairs is that great views and stairs usually go hand in hand. And if you’re like me, it’s a lot easier to find motivation by counting flights of stairs rather than the kilometres slowly ticking by.

  • Parkland Stairs – Bow Bottom Trail and 137 Ave SE: These are the shortest stairs on the list. You can park above in the community of Parkland, or below in the commercial area.
  • Glencoe Club Stairs – Earl Grey Crescent SW: These stairs are a grind but feature amazing views of Downtown and the Elbow Park area. You can get to them from below, but parking is quite limited so parking on Earl Grey Crescent is a better bet.
  • Rideau Place Stairs – Just north of the junction of 34 Ave SW and 4 St SW: I found these stairs when driving around the Parkhill Community. They are a perfect length for interval training and are usually not busy.
  • Calgary Curling Club/Crescent Heights Stairs – 286 Memorial Drive NW: Calgary’s most famous stairs to run. Although not in the south, they are worth mentioning because they’re not that far away. If you want to find motivation by exercising amongst others, here is the place to come. There is never a time when you won’t be surrounded by other runners, or sightseers taking in the amazing views of downtown. Parking is paid at the lot off Memorial Drive.