President’s Message – June


June 2016

June will mark the end of my term as President of the Fairview Community Association and I appreciate all the support this community has given us during that time. When I started out in October of 2012 I focused on three main areas of focus for the Association and I thought I’d use this month’s column to reflect on our progress in these areas:


Before my term as president we had already undertook a facelift of our newsletter and website as well as a new logo to better brand our name in these modern times. While our newsletter remains a very important vehicle for information in Fairview, I pushed to expand our repertoire towards a multimodal approach to reach different audiences. We expanded on this by creating an email newsletter that had reached nearly 300 people prior to the anti-spam legislation halved that number. We have since come back up to nearly 210 on our distribution list and growing. Shortly after that we developed a Facebook page that is used primarily as a information distribution channel which has nearly 300 likes. We do our best to keep the information on our website current. We have improved the quality of our advertising while utilizing local help in this area (thanks Paul!). And earlier this year we made a major change to our newsletter by switching to a different printer/distributor, Great News, that significantly improved our distribution (particularly to businesses and apartments), provided a more professional-looking newsletter and saves us a significant amount of money.


Our relationships with our community partners and volunteers has always been strong and I strived to maintain these through open communication, honesty, hard work, fulfilling promises and showing appreciation. However, I also saw opportunity to build new relationships within our volunteer base and residents, public representatives and private businesses. We have maintained a very good relationship with two of our biggest, central community partners, In-Definite Arts and the Fairview Arena. We have worked closely with two levels of government (municipal and provincial) on community interests and issues and tried to maintain contact with our two local schools whenever possible. We have expanded our volunteer base in large part by exploring new initiatives and engaging residents with diverse interests. And we have significantly developed and strengthened ties to many local and a few larger businesses by finding mutually beneficial partnerships including sponsorship of many of our events and infrastructure projects as well as through our Fairview Business Initiative newsletter column. And most importantly, we have expanded our membership base to record highs and maintain one of the highest rates of memberships within the entire city!


Ensuring our long term financial sustainability was one of the most pressing areas we have focused on. Some of the key moves we made in this area include (but are not limited to): Actively soliciting donations at all of our major community events; attempting to make each community event and program financially independent (i.e. cost recovery); better utilizing our Gaming funds (rather than general funds) to cover many different expenses including some admin/office expenses, ice rental for skating and shinny hockey, our Hazardous Waste Roundup expenses and our outdoor movie night company expense; actively seeking out business sponsorship for all of our events; changing newsletter providers to reduce our printing, editing and delivery costs; investing our stagnant Gaming and general funds into GIC’s to realize a small amount of interest; increasing our membership fee from $10 to $15; changing our financial service provider to realize more interest and investment options; eliminating our internet expenses and drastically reducing our phone expenses at our office; expanding fundraising efforts through social events (Wine & Cheese, bowling night) and other venues (e.g. Bottle Drive). While some of these decisions may not have always been the most popular, they were necessary and I stand behind the decisions of the Board here more than anywhere else. There is still some work to do on this file, but we are in a much better financial position moving forward.

It’s been an amazing 4 years full of great successes (with a few misses along the way), meeting wonderful and spirited people and developing relationships to last a lifetime. It has been exceptionally rewarding personally. We’ve come a long way, but when I look around the City at all the great community initiatives, there is still a world of possibilities left to explore!

On that note, our AGM is coming up on Wednesday, June 8th, 7pm at In-Definite Arts (lower level). We will celebrate another great year for the Association and are asking for your support at this important meeting. And please consider stepping up to fill a spot on the Board (only 4 spots are currently open!) – if you have enthusiasm for improving the community you live in or if you have a specific interest in something that we are doing (or could be doing, or could be doing better;), then consider joining us! We also have particular needs to find individuals interested in our traffic committee, off-leash dog park committee, Fairview Park committee, social committee and cleanup events committee

And lastly, another big thank you to all the volunteers who helped make our Spring Cleanup Events and Membership Drive another success! We continue to have a super strong volunteer base for these popular events and a great turnout from Fairview residents and beyond supporting our efforts. A full wrap-up on the events can be found as you read on.

Enjoy your summer!


May 2016

Unfortunately, we continue to hear about issues with people parking in the alley at Flint Park, leading to local residents being unable to back out of their properties with their vehicles.  It remains illegal to park in these narrow lane ways and we ask that everyone to please respect this. Flint Park is a local area park and is meant to be walked to! If you need to drive, PLEASE park on the adjacent street and walk 1/2 of a  block to use this park. Please put yourself in the position of someone who lives in this area and can’t even leave their own garage or car port because of vehicles parked in the alley – no doubt you would be very frustrated with this type of situation and would ask to respect these rules!

Thank you to all the volunteers who have helped us out in the past month or so with our very important Membership Drive in April and our ongoing Spring Cleanup Events. Unfortunately due to our mid-April newsletter deadline for this issue, we won’t have any summaries of these events until June’s newsletter. But if we missed you on the Membership Drive, be sure to get your membership online or via mail (a call back notice should have been left in your mailbox or you can find the info in this newsletter).

Speaking of June, our AGM is coming up in early to mid-June (details to be confirmed in our next newsletter). We will celebrate another great year for the Association and would love it if you would consider supporting us at this meeting. We need to reach quorum in order to pass the business of the Association. I would also like to extend an invitation to you to consider joining the Board in June. If you have enthusiasm for improving the community you live in or if you have a specific interest in something that we are doing (or could be doing, or could be doing better;), then consider joining us! We are a very easy going, friendly group of residents all with the goal of a better community at the heart of what we do. We also have particular needs to find individuals interested in our traffic committee, off-leash dog park committee, Fairview Park committee, cleanup events committee as well as executive positions (including President which becomes vacant next month!).

And our Spring Fling Community Cleanup is coming up quick on Sunday, May 8th – we realize this is Mother’s Day, but what better way to appreciate your Mom than to clean out her home, yard or garage and haul that stuff off to Spring Fling! (This is a rare year where it will coincide on Mother’s Day and shouldn’t happen again until 2022). Following that, be sure to support our Bottle Drive by donating your bottles – drop them off at the Fairview Arena parking lot on May 14th in the morning or leave them on your doorstep for us to pick up! Volunteers are always welcome too!



April 2016

I mentioned in my previous column that we had a great, engaged group come out for Imagine Fairview at the end of January sharing all sorts of great ideas, history and vision for our community. All of the information has been gathered and sorted and will be presented back to the community on Saturday, April 16th, 9am-12pm at lower level of In-Definite Arts. We hope that you will be able to attend to participate in the sharing of this important engagement!

Our annual Membership Drive is fast approaching and we need your help! We would love to hit every house in Fairview once again, but we can’t do it without the help of many volunteers – roughly 50% of our sales come from this week alone. This is a great way to meet your neighbours in mid-April and it is my experience that residents are very happy to see us at their door! We are planning to beat our record of 530 membership sold in 2015-2016!

It was great to see a solid turnout for our Bowling for the Burtons fundraiser in February. More than that was the great buzz and atmosphere for the event. A full wrap-up as you read on! Thanks again go out to the ladies on Fleetwood for their amazing efforts in making this night a success.

And the full details of our community cleanup events have been confirmed – see our accompanying insert for all of these details and make sure you magnet this insert to your fridge!The events will once again be similar to last year, with the exception that there will be NO Hazardous Waste Roundup (every other year) accompanying our Bottle Drive. Make sure you come out to support these events, be it through volunteering for one of the events, selling at your own garage sale, buying stuff at your neighbour’s garage sale(s), supporting our food truck or concession, dumping stuff at Spring Fling or donating your bottles at our bottle drive! Looking forward to seeing you there!



March 2016

It was great to see a small, but engaged and thoughtful group of people come out to Imagine Fairview in late January. There were a lot of great ideas, stories and history shared amongst the participants. The three hour session on a Saturday morning absolutely flew by! The full wrap-up and some pics are elsewhere in this newsletter, so read on!

We have just officially ended our 2015-2016 year as of February 29th. It has been another great year chalked full of great events, programs and visioning. Our membership sales (peaking at a new record of 530 memberships out of about 1250 homes!) continue to be a strong success, suggesting a strong, broad-based support of our work. Thank you Fairview! Part of that great success is our Membership Drive in April – roughly 50% of our sales come from this week alone, but we can’t do it without the help of many hands (and feet!). Please consider joining our list of strong volunteers to knock on a few doors and meet you neighbours in mid-April!

Our bowling night fundraiser, Bowling for the Burtons, will have happened by now, but was after our newsletter deadline, so we will have a full report in April’s newsletter. But thank you to the volunteers who made this happen and those of you who supported the event!

And it’s hard to believe, but we are already gearing up for our Fairview Spring Cleanup Events in April and May! Most of the details will be in April’s newsletter and on our website later this month. We can always use a number of bodies helping out for the Parade of Garage Sales, Spring Fling Community Cleanup and Bottle Drive!



February 2016

I had the pleasure of meeting with the Burton family, Gerri and Bill, whose home on Fairmount Drive caught on fire in mid-December, for an interview and conversation that is included in a column in this newsletter. We often forget how fortunate we are to live in such a great, safe community with a roof over our heads, good health, family and friends and important personal belongings. It only takes a few minutes for many of those things to disappear in a house fire, flood or other disaster. Despite the terrible circumstances of losing 50 years worth of possessions, their home and two of their very loved cats, (as well as many other difficulties over the years) the Burtons have a remarkably positive outlook on life and are committed to making the best of their situation.

While we originally planned to have our Wine & Cheese event in February and a bowling night in the fall, given the circumstances of this fire and an eager group of volunteers willing to help out, we have swapped the two events with the bowling event planned for February 20th as a fundraiser for the Burton Family, Bowling for the Burtons. An online gofundme page has also been set up for individuals who wish to help out with donations to the family: If you wish to donate without going online, you can make cheques payable to the Fairview Community Association (mailed to us or deposited in the Fairview Arena mail slot) with “Fairview house fire” on the memo line to ensure it gets to the family.

Special thanks to ladies of Fleetwood (Leah, Joanne, Kristina and Amy) for their efforts on spearheading this event. Also thanks to Fairview resident and volunteer Mark Dutkoski for his great work in photography and editing!

Also my thanks to Amanda St. Laurent for her help while sitting on the board this year – unfortunately due to work commitments she has had to step down.

Thank you to everyone who came out to Imagine Fairview in late January – due to the timing of this newsletter’s deadline, we won’t have a summary of the event until March’s newsletter, but we should have some information up on our website as soon as possible.

Hope to see you out for our bowling night on the 20th!


January 2016

We are very pleased to be partnering with Great-News Publishing to provide you with a fresh look and high quality newsletter to serve us for years to come. Mike and his excellent team at Great-News are committed to providing both a great product and solid community content. Several people have asked about why we changed providers to Great-News and I’m very happy to explain all of the reasons why. First, our previous provider went out of business this summer, so this forced us to evaluate the various options available in Calgary. The benefits of our final selection:

• Great-News covers the costs of our house delivery while still allowing us to use our local deliverers (which allows us to continue to deliver inserts to houses in Fairview) – this is a cost savings to our general funds of $180 per month, or almost $2000 per year (as we delivered 11 newsletters each year).

• On top of our house delivery, we are now able to deliver our newsletter to all of the apartment units (on Frobisher and Flint) via Canada Post at no cost to us. This will allow us to reach and better engage those living in the apartment buildings in Fairview

• On top of that (!), we will also be delivering our newsletter to all of the businesses within Fairview, a huge increase in our business exposure to around 720 businesses! This will also include our current delivery to a few businesses across Heritage in Acadia (Shopper Drug Mart area).

• We were formerly ALSO paying $157 per month to our previous publisher to print colour covers – this fee is now eliminated saving us over $1700 per year from our Gaming funds.

• Great-News takes care of all of the design, typesetting, layout, etc. which will allow us to reduce our own expenses going towards this work.

• Great-News is the only community newsletter publisher with their own full-time dedicated staff and their own printing press, allowing for superb client service and flexibility with printing dates and quality control

• They recently acquired a new printing press, allowing the entire newsletter to be printed in full colour – the only publisher currently doing so.

• We are able to expand to 12 newsletters per year from our current 11.

So come on in and take a look around. We hope you enjoy the new look!


Thank you to everyone who came out to support our Skate with Santa event – it was great to see such a solid turnout once again – more details about the event as you read on.

We have a very important community engagement event coming up on January 30th in the morning called Imagine Fairview. This is a collaborative project with the University of Calgary and the Federation of Calgary Communities where we will engage residents to imagine what the next 50 years of Fairview will look like. More details about this event as you turn the pages! In preparation for this, we have also included a synopsis of the demographics of Fairview from the 2014 Census, which makes for interesting reading.

Happy New Year!


December 2015

Crime in Fairview:

There has once again been a recent spike in criminal activity in our community. In particular, there have been quite a number of car prowlings/break-ins as well as a few residential and industrial break-ins. Our community in general has a relatively low crime rate, but it is always sobering to hear about these occasional bursts in crime.

Although it would be nice if we never had to lock up our property, the reality is that criminals exist and they are usually looking for crimes of opportunity. That is, perps are going around checking door handles on cars and open garage doors or house doors first. If the door is locked, they will most likely move along to the next car or house because they are bound to find one unlocked. Because of this, it is extremely important to keep your car, house and garage locked up – this is the single easiest (not to mention free) way to deter crime against you and your property. Also, remove any bottles you have in your yard as well as any personal belongings that may be lying around your yard.

And, if you see a crime in progress, or a crime about to take place, CALL 9-1-1 IMMEDIATELY. The police are not far away and they would much rather catch criminals in the act, than hear about it the next day. Plus, you should never put yourself in a position of confrontation with a criminal – let the police take care of this. If you were a victim of crime, but the crime occurred overnight or hours/days before, then call the police non-emergency line to report the crime – this is still important information because the police often can determine trends and possibly link individuals back to a specific crime. We all need to work together and take responsibility to help reduce crime in Fairview!


Our Casino in November went extremely well and I would like to thank all the 35 volunteers who helped us with this extremely important event that will help us continue to do the important work that we do! More details on that as you read on.

And lastly, I hope to see many of you out for Skate with Santa on December 13th at In-Definite Arts and the Fairview Arena!



November 2015

I am writing this column after a particularly brutal day working “in the trenches” at my day job. I am extremely fortunate to practice veterinary medicine as an emergency-only veterinarian in a large referral and emergency practice with exceptional colleagues and a high standard of practice. While it is exciting, rewarding and comes with incredible and sometimes unbelievable life-saving moments, there are days like today that I reflect on the craziness that was a shift at our hospital. What stands out to me, and is the focus of this article, is the amount of preventable trauma, injuries, poisonings, disease, etc. that we see in any given day. In the past day we have seen a dog with parvovirus infection, a dog with xylitol poisoning (a common sweetener in foods that is particularly toxic to dogs), a dog accidentally poisoned by anti-depressants, a dog with a preventable fractured hind leg, a dog that ingested a ball, another dog lacerated in a dog fight, another dog quilled by a porcupine. The list never really ends and there always seems to be another “I’ve never seen THAT before” moment around every corner!

Dogs can be crazy and do unpredictable things. We often assume that when we get a dog that it will understand how to fit into our human world, but nothing could be farther than the truth. It is our job and responsibility to look after them and to understand what makes them tick. If you are a pet owner, please educate yourself about the hazards facing our pets, how to keep them safe, how train them properly and be sure to invest in preventative health care. But most of all, remember that they are still animals and that thousands of years of evolution cannot be changed overnight!

And now for the shameless community plug – the Community Association has formed an off-leash dog park committee to work towards improving our off-leash areas in Fairview. We are looking for interested and committed volunteers to sign up. We are also looking for an individual to chair this committee that will also need to sit on the Board of Directors. If either of these interest you, please contact me at or call me at 403-454-8327.


October 2015

Newsletter notice:

As mentioned in our last newsletter, there has been a change in our newsletter provider. Although this edition still retains the original look, we fully expect a new design coming in the next month or two. So please be sure to pay attention to your mailbox and don’t throw out our new-look newsletter!

Thank you so much to all the people who came out to celebrate our Fairview Family Festival & Film Night on September 11th. It was a perfect evening and we had a huge crowd out to partake in the activities – a full wrap-up on the event as you read on.

We are expecting to have another public engagement session sometime in November regarding Fairview Park (baseball diamond) with the City of Calgary. More details should be available in next month’s edition.

We are still looking for volunteers to help out with our casino in November, mostly in the evenings. If you can spare a few hours and help out your community please be sure to contact us. Flip the pages to find out all the details.

We are gearing up for winter so that means a few things are coming up in Fairview – our snow shovelling program, public skating and shinny hockey will all start up in November. A note regarding the snow shovelling program is elsewhere in this newsletter, but if there are any seniors interested in obtaining snow shovelling service in Fairview, please contact us. Public skating and shinny hockey will both start up on November 8th.

Our membership sales continue to break records – 516 memberships have been sold and counting! Be sure to get yours if you haven’t already!

And don’t forget that we have a federal election coming on October 19th! Make sure you get out to vote at your local polling station!


September 2015

You may notice that this month’s newsletter looks slightly different, mostly due to the lack of advertisements. We received last minute notice that our newsletter supplier/printer was no longer in business and had to put together and print this edition at the eleventh hour! I’d like to thank Accurate Reprographics for their work and support over the past number of years. Thank you also to Digital Post for helping us get this edition together so quickly and of course Yvonne Gingrich, our newsletter editor, for her extra help with this. I expect that there will be larger changes coming to our newsletter very soon as the Board sorts out a new newsletter provider.
It was incredibly nice to have had such a warm and beautiful summer this year after several years of unpredictable and wacky weather. We are hoping this trend continues until after our Fairview Family Festival & Film Night and we can avoid the snowy disaster that was September 2014!!! We invite all of you and your family and friends to this great social event – we will have face painters, a balloon artist, games, bouncy castles, giveaways, two food trucks (Taiko Taco and Fiasco Gelato!!), popcorn and a great feature film – we were exceptionally fortunate to be able to get Pixar’s Inside Out which only becomes available for use on the day of the event! See our insert or our website for full details.
There are two very important notices in this months newsletter calling for volunteers. Last month we put in a notice for volunteers to join one of our committees and given its importance to our community and the association, it is repeated in this month’s newsletter. Please consider stepping up to help out with one of these committees to help make Fairview an even better place to live! Second, we are starting to take down volunteer names for our upcoming Fairview Casino on November 9th and 10th – this is by far our biggest fundraising event for our community and has contributed hugely to many of the infrastructure and event/program improvements in recent years. A more detailed description of the casino and how you can get involved as you read on!

Summer 2015 – Traffic, Parking & Committees

Over the years, we have heard about several different issued related to traffic and parking throughout the community of Fairview. Due to limited manpower resources, we have had to deal with these haphazardly in less than ideal fashions. However, we are very pleased to announce that we have formally formed a Traffic Committee, chaired by Director Amanda St. Laurent (thank you Amanda!).

We are looking for residents who are interested in working on this committee and who can come to the table with not just problems, but solutions, and are able to work with the City of Calgary collaboratively. If you are interested, please contact Amanda by email at or leave a message at our office phone number: 403-252-5424.

One of the local issues that we wanted to mention again was the parking at the new Flint Playground in the back alley. Please be aware that parking along the alley is illegal (covered in two separate bylaws) and that the Calgary Parking Authority is now actively ticketing those parking in the lane. There is plenty of parking for these few vehicles only a short walk away on Fairmount Drive and Fairview Drive. Please respect the people who live in this area and avoid parking in the alley as it affects their ability to come and go from their properties and creates unsafe narrowing of the drivable lane. We are working with those local resident affected on some solutions to these issues but the easiest solution is to not park in the lane in the first place!

We would also like to remind everyone that the speed limit in our alleys is only 15km/hr! There is way too much speeding in our alleyways that creates dangerous conditions and reduces the quality of the gravel lanes. On that note, the Community Association has acquired a decent number of alley speed limit signs and is looking for residents who can post these in their back lane. Unfortunately, they are not supposed to be fixed to power poles (especially not stapled or nailed as the utility companies will remove them), but instead to private fences, posts, etc. If you have a place to post an alley speed limit sign on your property, please contact us at the above contact information.

These are just two examples of work that will now fall under the traffic committee responsibilities and we are happy to have a formal committee to deal with these issues! And the traffic committee is not the only committee that has been formed recently – the board has approved an Off-leash Dog Park Committee and Spring Cleanup Events Committee recently to go along with our Social, Community Garden and Playground Committees. Please consider stepping up to help out with one of these committees – more details are included elsewhere in this newsletter.

I would also like to personally thank Joel Klyn and Shauna de Freitas for their commitment to the board during their terms – we wish them the best!


June 2015

We’ve had some great feedback regarding last month’s column regarding the future of Fairview Park (baseball diamond). In case you missed it, the Fairview Community Association is working towards making this site an active, vibrant place that is home to a variety of activities that meets the needs of many different users. You can get involved by taking our Fairview Park Survey (see full page ad in this newsletter) or by dropping in during our Fairview Park Visioning Session on June 3rd at In-Definite Arts (lower level) between 6:30 and 8:30pm.

All members received a letter in the mail regarding our upcoming AGM and bylaw revisions. Please consider attending this very important meeting on June 8th (7pm, In-Definite Arts lower level) so that we can reach quorum and get through the business of the meeting. We would love to see you there to celebrate all the successes (and some not-so-successes) of the past year!

We again respectfully ask those users of Flint Park, in particular the playground, to avoid parking in the back lane. Please be considerate of those who live along Flint Park and need to get in and out of their garages. Bylaw officers have begun ticketing those who are parking in the alley, so please do everyone a favour and walk or bike to this park… street parking is really not that far away!

And a personal thank you to all of those who volunteered to once again make our Spring Cleanup Events a big success. There were many hands involved as we racked up over 300 volunteer hours for these events! Keep reading for a full description of the events!


May 2015

Baseball Diamond (Fairview Park)

The baseball diamond (aka Fairview Park) in the heart of our community has undergone a lot of discussion recently and I’m thrilled to hear that residents are engaged in the future of this site. We acknowledged every concern that residents have regarding this important area. However, there are some significant misconceptions regarding this site, with particular reference to the community garden, that I would like to address.

A bit of background: Fairview Park was initially included in the City’s 2012-2014 Established Communities funding that was responsible for dramatic improvements to Flavelle and Flint (and now under-construction Fawn) Parks that has seen their usage improve many fold. However, given the tight time frame and limited dollars tied to this funding, spread thinly over so many parks, we agreed with the City that Fairview Park would wait for the time being. Especially since we recognized that Fairview Park would require much larger visioning and infrastructure investments to make it a great central park.

Fast forward to 2015 – the Community Garden Committee had selected the diamond site as the ideal location for the garden site based on their research, hard work and community engagement and has, in fact, been the catalyst to reignite the renewal process of the entire Fairview Park. This is a large area that encompasses roughly 6500 square meters (1.5 acres) as it includes all of the outfield extending to the soccer field.

This park can be so many great things. Envision a central park that has a pathway, trees and shrubs, an outdoor rink, tennis or basketball courts, picnic tables and benches, exercise equipment, a garden, some untouched field space, perhaps a small skate spot or a small splash pad. We are not planning on removing active spaces for Fairview – just different active spaces that engage a larger variety of people. The site is currently a single use, single season space used by a few and we would love the community to come together in a multi-purpose, multi-season site that engages many more people – families, kids, teens, singles, seniors, etc.

Please understand that the baseball diamond is not being replaced by a community garden. While it is true that the garden will be located in a portion of the infield, it actually occupies less than 10% of this entire site. It is merely the first phase of a much grander vision – one that could see the park become usable to many different people for many different things. The garden simply got first bill because there was an interested and committed group of volunteers to make it happen. There are also preliminary plans to bring back an outdoor pleasure rink to Fairview at the same site, an ideal partner to the garden given the investment required in getting water to the site. Even without the garden, such a rink, with berms and a water hookup site, would force the city to decommission the baseball diamond as it would be unusable (safely) for its intended purpose.

I have kids too and certainly enjoy playing baseball with them – however, most of that type of local use doesn’t require an adult-sized diamond and can be played anywhere on the grounds. And the large majority of the adult use on this large ball diamond (i.e. bookings) are coming from outside of Fairview. There’s nothing wrong with that, but they don’t have a vested interest in this community or for the future of the site.

We certainly reminisce of the days when Fairview alone had multiple baseball teams (or hockey, or soccer), but the current reality is that demographics have changed, kids and adults are interested in different things and organized team sports have become more regionalized. It’s time for renewal and regeneration.

I hope that our track record at improving our public spaces (Flavelle, Flint, Fawn thus far) has been a good one and that we have built a level of trust amongst the residents of Fairview that we are good stewards of greenspaces in this community. We have been inspired by the support of residents over the years, in particular the positive feedback we have received regarding our completed park spaces. We respectfully ask for your continued support in making this project a reality.

Please join us on the road to growing this park into an amazing community space. We have initiated a survey ( as a first step. We are also planning on having a public visioning session in the near future. Stay tuned for details.





April 2015

Wow, what a month it has been! We were so thrilled to see such strong support for our Evening of Wine, Beer & Cheese – we sold out several days before the event and this year’s success has cemented this as an annual event going forward! We packed the Optimist Gallery and the exciting buzz in the room was something to be enjoyed! Special thanks to the organizing committee of Joanne, Kara, Shauna and Melody who did such an amazing job to make this evening a success. I know there were many other hands helping out with this event, so my kudos go out to everyone who had a part! A full wrap-up of the event can be found as you read on.

Our seniors group – the Summit Activity Club – will get fully underway in April and we couldn’t be happier about that. There has been much work behind the scenes to finally get some social/physical/educational programming for our seniors in this community and this partnership with Acadia sees that work come to fruition. There will be one more planning meeting on April 1st, but the activities get underway on Tuesday, April 7th with a Wine & Cheese social at the Acadia Recreation Complex lounge. Please come on out to meet other seniors in your area and help make this inaugural event be a success! Following that, we are planning a event, activity or seminar each and every Tuesday of every month. Each week will vary in its nature, so there should be something for everyone! The full schedule of events can be found in our Seniors Column.

We also have some exciting news from the Community Garden front – after a lot of hard work on behalf of the committee and the leadership team over the past 1.5 years on this project, we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel on this project and expect to break ground in May once our full funding has been confirmed! The design looks great and the project is set up to be another wonderful collaboration between many groups including the community and residents, the City, a non-profit group, businesses and the local high school. Full details on this can also be found in the CG column a few pages in.

Don’t forget that our 2015 Membership Drive is happening this month. We set the bar pretty high last year by hitting every house in Fairview at least once during the 2014 drive, as well as selling a record 503 memberships over the year. But we are up for another challenge and we can beat that! Please see our call for volunteers from our Membership Director Pat Hirsche as you read on, and be sure to get your membership during the drive!

Lastly, our spring cleanup events are just around the corner. All the details of this year’s events can be found in the accompanying insert as well as on our website. The events will be very similar to last year – except, let’s hope, without the snow!!! Make sure you come out to support these events, be it through selling at your own garage sale, buying stuff at a garage sale, supporting our food truck or concession, dumping stuff at Spring Fling and the Hazardous Waste Roundup or donating your bottles at our bottle drive! Looking forward to seeing you in the trenches!


March 2015

It was great to see a solid turnout in early February for the Senior’s Initiative in conjunction with the Acadia Community Association. We packed the room with nearly 25 people in attendance, a majority of them from Fairview! It looks like this latest partnership will see this initiative get off the ground with once-weekly activities ranging from tours, educational seminars, physical activities, etc. starting in April (with one more planning meeting in early March). The group has been named the Summit Activity Club. While the turnout was good for the initial meeting, we really need a strong showing from our seniors weekly to ensure that this support continues and ensures its survival. Our latest census tells us that there are just over 3800 people in Fairview with 14% of them being over 65 years old. This means that there are over 530 seniors in our community! So let’s see you involved! More details of the program can be found later in this newsletter.

Thanks again to everyone who supported us in the 2014-2015 membership year. As I mentioned (several times) before, we broke our modern day record as well topped that 500 milestone with membership sales at 503 in the end! Thank you to everyone who purchased, sold and promoted our membership! Now, start looking into getting this year’s memberships which are already on sale – more info further in this newsletter and on our website. Thank you Pat for your hard work on this important file.

By the time you get this, we will have had our Evening of Wine, Beer & Cheese, but a full report on the evening’s events won’t be printed until next month’s newsletter. However, there should be a wrap up summary with pictures on our website before then.

We are also well underway on preparing for our spring cleanup events and they should be as excellent as always! Let’s hope for a little less snow this year! We will have all the details in April’s newsletter so stay tuned.

February 2015

I was made aware of some criminal activity in Fairview recently. First, there has been some prowling and several thefts of stored refundable recyclables from yards, particularly around the Blackfoot off-leash space / back alley. At times this has escalated to the thieves entering garages as well as being aggressive to those who have confronted them. Let’s be clear about something: although these thefts may be “just bottles”, THIS IS CRIMINAL ACTIVITY AND SHOULD BE REPORTED AS SUCH. Such activity is often gateway behaviour (it starts with stealing bottles from garages and progresses to entering homes) and the proceeds are often used to fuel further criminal activity and addictions. This stuff needs to be reported, not just discussed among neighbours. You may hold on to the myth that “the police won’t do anything”, but often the police know of the criminals in certain areas and reporting this activity leads to trends and linking crimes and can help them nabs these losers down the road. It is up to all of us to play our part.

You can also help reduce the temptation and keep all valuables locked up and your property well maintained and lighted. We should all play a part in reducing crime in our cherished neighbourhood. If you witness any activity, collect as much information if it is safe to do so (including photos, video, written descriptions), but DO NOT approach a criminal – contact the police ASAP and let them do this part of the job.

Second, just prior to the time of this writing, there was some break and enter activity in occupied homes in the Franklin Drive area. This is always very disturbing to hear about and reminds us all of how vulnerable we can be. Please look out for one another, get to know your neighbours, make your property safe and report even suspicious activity as soon as possible.

In an emergency, always call 9-1-1. For non-emergencies, call the police at 403-266-1234. You can (and should) also report some occurred crimes online (theft from vehicle, property damage, lost or stolen items only):

On a lighter note, we sure hope to see you at our wine and cheese (and beer) event on February 28th – we have been fortunate to have the support of Focus Equities once again for this event and the evening promises to be another high class event in a beautiful space, the newly renovated In-Definite Arts Optimist Gallery. Look for more info elsewhere in this newsletter on in our insert. 3

January 2015

Thank you to everyone who came out to enjoy crafts, treats and a family skate at our annual Skate with Santa event on December 14th. It was wonderful to see such strong support once again for this event!

Likewise, we had another great community-building day on November 30th – building Little Free Libraries to adorn the streets of Fairview. Details and pictures of the build can be found elsewhere in this newsletter, but I wanted to say thanks to Elizabeth Duerkop for her work in co-organizing this along with our good friends and partners in Acadia. It was inspiring to see such enthusiasm and eagerness of all of those who attended!

And thank you to you, our members of this association, for your remarkable support with memberships this year. With recent changes in both our membership year and pricing, there was some trepidation regarding how this would affect membership sales. It appears to have had no negative impact as sales have been as high as ever and we are proud to report that we hit our milestone of 500 memberships sold! This puts our membership percentage (of total Fairview houses) at 40%!

I hope you had a safe and happy New Year! We look forward to seeing you in the community in 2015!


December 2014

The Christmas season is just around corner. With that comes the joy of giving family, friends, celebration, good food and drink. On behalf of the Fairview Community Association, we wish all of you a wonderful holiday season and a very Merry Christmas! Please stay safe out there!

I would like to thank Kara Fredrickson for her efforts as our Treasurer for the past year as she steps down, but will remain on the Board. Kara has been instrumental in getting our financial house in order, changing our banking services and improving our financial sustainability.   Thank you also to Stacey McDougall for stepping into the Treasurer position!

Le Roi Daniels School Council (formerly Parent Council) may need some volunteers to help with their casino on January 15/16. Although this is not a Fairview Community Association event, the money raised from this casino benefits our community as the money raised is used for upgrades both inside and outside the school. If you are interested in volunteering, contact me at or 403-454-8327.

Enjoy the holiday season! We look forward to serving this community in 2015!


November 2014

I am fortunate to be visiting Banff for a few days in late October as I write this – the snow is flying at high altitudes which reminds me that winter is just around the corner, despite the beautiful fall weather we have had. And even though we may be less visible in the community during the winter months, the Fairview Community Association continues to work away at many different projects, events and programs. To highlight a few:

  • we continue to work and improve on our seniors initiatives in Fairview, both with our Seniors Group and Seniors Snow Shovelling Program
  • planning for Fawn park and playground upgrades continues to roll on
  • the Community Garden Committee will continue their work fundraising and planning throughout the winter with a projected build in the spring
  • we continue to develop positive and mutually beneficial relationships with local businesses (see our latest column on Stenia Health and High Performance in this issue!)
  • a mini bylaw review will be underway soon to tweak some of the bylaws that have not held up to standard following our recent major review
  • our first Little Free Libraries build will be held on November 30th, with our first installations projected for spring 2015
  • we continue to find ways to improve our community events, with Skate with Santa and a new Wine & Cheese event coming soon!

October 2014

Our membership sales this year have been extraordinary. We currently sit just shy of 490 memberships sold, just a few short of our known modern day record of 493 in 2003-2004 and only a handful under that major milestone of 500. Even more remarkable are the percentage statistics. Average community association membership sales in Calgary sit somewhere around 15%. With roughly 1260 homes in Fairview (we do not include the rental apartments as we don’t have direct access to advertise or sell to these homes), our percentage sales currently sits around 39%!

But much more important than just setting records is the importance of each individual membership sold. Your membership supports all of the work we do and sustained membership numbers gives us your vote of confidence to continue doing this work. You may not always agree with everything we do, but seeing such numbers certainly suggests that we are generally on the right track.
Sure, there are some added benefits of a membership: requiring one for kid’s sports leagues or the Trico Centre or the snow shovelling program and now discounts at select businesses (with more to come this year). But the most important reason to buy a membership is to tell us that you support what we do.

If you aren’t sure if you have a membership or want to purchase one, contact our Second VP and membership director Pat Hirsche (see inside cover for contact info). Let’s convincingly break those records! And don’t forget to thank Pat for all her hard work!


September 2014

We had yet another amazing example of Fairview pulling together to get a big job done with the Flint Playground Build in mid-August. It was great to see so many people of all ages pitching in – keep reading on to hear all the details of the build.

A lot has been accomplished over the past few years and I am proud to be involved with such a strong, active and hard working group of residents and volunteers. Although we have made a lot of progress, there are still so many possibilities for Fairview that can be realized with the right people involved with the right attitude and work ethic.

You may question how we can raise enough money for a given project and that task alone may seem overwhelming. I would argue, however, that raising money is not a barrier by itself or perhaps only a mental barrier. The Flint Playground equipment and installation alone cost over $115,000 and combined with all the in-kind donations, volunteers, food, etc. that amount is easily pushed over $175,000. We have seen a couple hundred thousand dollars put into our local parks. The In-Definite Arts Building and Fairview Arena has seen investment in improvements in the many, many multiples of that kind of money (with still more improvements on the horizon). The Acadia Rec Centre has seen a similar amount invested in their arena and now curling rink. In some cases, it is just a matter of asking a simple question to the right person at the right time, as we saw with the utility box art in Flint Park this past month (more on this later in this issue).

Which leads me back to people – if raising funds is possible, then the only thing preventing something from getting done is the sweat equity of individuals. Whether it is a community garden, parks and playgrounds, seniors programs, our spring cleanup events and now Little Free Libraries (read on!), anything is possible with the right people involved. How do you want to see your community evolve? Get involved!


Summer 2014

It has been a perfect start to the 2014 summer with beautiful weather, a great Stampede and lots of positive buzz in Calgary. It is an above 30C day in mid-July as I write this column! It was great to see all of the work on Flavelle Park get completed this past week as we are finally able to close that chapter in Fairview’s history. We are looking forward to utilizing that park space all summer and again for our Fairview Family Festival & Film Night on September 12th.

We expect the remainder of the work on Flint Park to be completed sometime this summer with our major playground build happening on August 14th to 17th – we really need a lot of community volunteers to complete this massive project! Read on for more details about how you can help out.

It was wonderful to see a solid enthusiastic group of seniors turn out for our first seniors tea and meeting on June 27th. We are hoping to keep this going indefinitely, but need support from as many people as possible. There is more info on this further in this newsletter.

I would like to publicly thank Tracy Sanford for her work on the board over the past few years – Tracy has moved on to other things but will be around to help volunteer for us in the future. Also a big thanks to Joanne Norton and Shauna de Freitas, our newest board members this year, and to all the returning board members for their continued support and efforts. I am also very excited to announce that we have filled all of our executive positions! Thanks to everyone for stepping up!

We are also very excited to introduce a new column in this month’s newsletter that has been in the works for many months – the Fairview Business Initiative. This column will highlight many of the great local small businesses in and around Fairview. This month’s column will feature an old familiar friend that has been a centrepiece of Fairview for decades!

There are a lot of updates in this newsletter including an update on our AGM, seniors activities, Flint Playground build, our Spares & Strikes bowling night, the Community Garden and Hillsboro Place, so read on!



June 2014

Well, Mother Nature certainly was not very cooperative for our spring cleanup events, but the community spirit and volunteer effort remained as high as ever! We have a full synopsis of the events further on, so keep reading. I would personally like to thank each and every person who came out to volunteer and those of you who supported us in a myriad of other ways, be it sponsorship, donations, in-kind work or just showing up to support the events!

It was great to see a solid turnout at the Blackfoot Trail off leash area for Be a Fairview Community Scooper Hero on May 16th, the third attempt after two snow-outs! Some of the prizes were not claimed from the draw, so check out our website if you have a draw ticket.

Speaking of off-leash areas, it is wonderful to see that the Flint Park fence installation is now complete, finally making this off-leash area a safe and useful space! There has already been a substantial increase in the use of this park and we only expect this to continue. Please take note that the off-leash area is ONLY where the fence is, not the paved pathway portion at the north or the playground area at the south!

Work on Flavelle Park (NOT an off-leash park) is very close to completion! We are hoping it will all be done for Neighbour Day on Saturday, June 21st where we will have an informal neighbourhood celebration starting at 11:30am. Bring your own picnic and games to play, come meet some of your neighbours, let the kids run free and just enjoy the outdoors in Fairview! Everyone is welcome to attend.

Next up – Hillsboro Place – we had a huge turnout for our first community session regarding this development in May – further info about this and a followup meeting is provided as you read on as well as in the accompanying insert.

A call out to the seniors in Fairview! – the Community Association requests your presence at an afternoon tea and discussion to find out what you would like to see your CA for programs. Due to our newsletter deadline, the final details will be confirmed on the insert accompanying this newsletter or on our website. We really want to hear from the seniors in this community, so please attend this event and bring your friends!

Lastly, our Annual General Meeting is on Wednesday, June 18th at In-Definite Arts lower level – our first use of the newly renovated space. Members (as of May 19th) should expect an invite in their mail soon.

Lots of exciting things happening in Fairview these days! Hope to see you out in June!



May 2014

Spring has (mostly) finally sprung. After the winter that never seemed to end, we hope that all the pent up house-bound energy will translate into boots on the ground this spring! We certainly saw the turnout for our membership drive – it was a big success and the volunteer mobilization was once again inspiring. We hit every house in our neighbourhood for the first time in many years! A huge thank you to Pat Hirsche for her stellar work as the membership boss as well as all our volunteers and those who supported us once again – keep reading for an update on the drive!
We heard significant feedback regarding the Hillsboro Place development – i.e. the apartment buildings on  Frobisher Blvd/Heritage Drive. Given the nature of this development, both the applicant and your community association is very keen to engage the public with an information session and a date/time/location has been set – Wednesday, May 14th, 7pm at In-Definite Arts – see insert included in this newsletter. We would love to hear from you whether for or against the proposal.
The Spring Cleanup Events are underway – the Parade of Garage Sales will be done by the time you read this. We can still use some bodies for our Spring Fling with various jobs as well as many people for our Bottle Drive on May 10th – truck/van drivers, loaders and a few sorters. A full summary of the events will be in next month’s newsletter.
We have some exciting news from our Playground Committee as you read on. And don’t forget to buy your tickets soon for our bowling night, Spares and Strikes – we hope to sellout this time around! We are also planning on setting our AGM for the week of June 16-19th and hope to see many members out for this again!


April 2014

First, I’d like to thank all of those Fairview volunteers who helped us run another successful casino at the Elbow River Casino on March 20 and 21. We couldn’t have done it without you! Read on for more details.
On another volunteering note, we still can use a few more volunteers for our membership drive April 7-13th. Membership is vitally important to our organization and many people don’t realize that Fairview has one of the highest percentages of membership sales in the City! And that is largely because of our door-to-door drive, but it won’t be a success without your help! Please contact our Secretary if you can help out. And remember to have your payment ($15) ready if a volunteer comes to your door!
We also have a couple of great social events coming up in the next month – the Community Garden Committee is hosting a movie night on April 23rd and we have our second bowling night, Spares & Strikes coming up on May 30th!
You should find our much-anticipated spring clean-up events insert in this newsletter (also on our website). We put together a column for this edition highlighting some of the details and changes for this year’s event.
As some of you know, we have recently been informed of a land use amendment for the low-rise apartment buildings along Frobisher Blvd (Hillsboro Place) where the owner wishes to expand the existing buildings as well as add an additional apartment building in the current central, unused piece of land.  Information is very preliminary at this time until we meet with the applicant. The applicant has also expressed interest in engaging the community and given that this has the potential to be a contentious issue, we will make every effort to keep the community informed – please check back in the subsequent newsletters and our website regularly. We will hopefully have something to present at the AGM in June.
There is a huge amount of info in this month’s newsletter and lots of upcoming events to check out. Hopefully there is something for everyone!


March 2014

It’s a cold -20C February morning as I type this message, and I long for the spring that is just around the corner. With spring comes an enormous few months for your community association and we really need your help!
You already know that we have our largest fundraiser, our biannual casino event, coming up on the spring equinox. We have almost filled our volunteer needs, so thank you to everyone who has signed up. We can still use a few alternates/subs in case of an illness or emergency, so if you are potentially available on March 20/21, please let me know.
Following that, comes an equally important week in April. Our annual membership drive is rebooting April 7-14th. Membership is extremely important to sustaining the life of our association. We really need volunteers to help with this door-to-door drive – this is a great way to meet your neighbours or reconnect with old friends and find out what is happening in your part of Fairview. It is not a big time commitment and most neighbours are happy to see you for this drive! More info elsewhere in this newsletter.
And, of course, our spring cleanup events follow soon after that. Mark your calendars for the Parade of Garage Sales (Saturday, April 26th), Spring Fling (Sunday, May 4th) and Bottle Drive (Saturday, May 10th). There will be no Hazardous Waste Roundup this year.
Of course, we are in need of volunteers for all of our cleanup events:
a Parade of Garage Sales co-ordinator to organize the sales and signage; a few volunteers to help with cleanup
many volunteers for our Spring Fling community cleanup – I know many people look forward to this annual event and are eager to help out!
we are expanding our bottle drive significantly this year with doorstep pickups throughout the whole neighbourhood. We need a huge volunteer effort to help deliver notices the week prior and to pick up bags from doorsteps (no door-knocking required!). We also need people with trucks to help with the pickups (car wash included!).
Following that, we are hoping to do another bowling night sometime in May and we will likely be holding our AGM sometime in early June! If you can help with any of the above, please let Dave know at 403-454-8327 or email

February 2014

A few weeks ago, amidst the unprecedented January freeze/thaw and skating rinks everywhere, I had intended to use this column as a standard reminder to everyone to be extra vigilant in keeping their sidewalks free of snow and ice. Get out your salt, sand, gravel and metal yard tools to help keep our neighbourhood walkable, especially for the most vulnerable in this community – our seniors and disabled residents. Call 3-1-1 to report particularly bad streets and sidewalks, because, as we have learned, the City response is largely dependent on concentration of 3-1-1 complaints in a given region. Make an effort to clear sidewalks at alley entrances and pedestrian right-of-ways if you live nearby them.
That was my original content for this column, until tragedy struck our quiet street of Foley Road and community of Fairview when our good friend and neighbour, family man and all-round great guy Klaus Grimm died tragically last month. Klaus was attending a function just outside of Fairview and slipped in an icy parking lot and suffered a serious head injury on January 20th. Sadly, he passed away the following day as a result of the accident.
It is hard to make sense of such moments in our lives. Klaus still had so much to share with us. I already miss his good nature, his friendly greetings on the street, the attention he paid to our children and our dog, the pride he took in maintaining his property. I know how much he loved his family as he spoke so proudly of them many times.
Please take extra care in ensuring your property is safe for everyone at all times of the year. I think that us able-bodied people take our mobility for granted and don’t always realize the challenges that the less mobile people in our world face.
And please be safe out there.
Our thoughts are with the Grimm family, we will forever miss Klaus.

January 2014

Well, 2014 is now upon us and this year will bring lots of exciting opportunities to this community! We have a lot of great things in store, some of which are highlighted in this newsletter.
We had a great turnout at Skate with Santa today (as I’m writing this) – there were a lot of smiles to be seen and the turnout was amazing. Thank you to everyone who came out to support this popular community event! A big thank you to our sponsors for Skate with Santa – Focus Equities, In-Definite Arts and the Fairview Women’s Hockey Arena Society. We cannot maintain such quality events without support of our community partners!
On that note, I would like to add that we take our community partnerships very seriously and are thankful for the support of various organizations throughout the year:
Focus Equities has been an enormous supporter of our playground work, our Play ’n’ Stay program and now Skate with Santa. We will certainly miss the team in our community as they wrap up development on the Meadows Mile!
In-Definite Arts has been a centrepiece of our community since coming to Fairview. They have clearly put a lot of love back into our physical community building, but have also supported us with providing office and meeting space, helped with our Evening of Wine & Cheese, helped with advertisement design and printing, Skate with Santa and more. It has been a pleasure working alongside this fabulous group – thank you to Darlene, Roxanne, Dijana, Julie and the rest of the IDA team for their support!
More recently I have been more active in getting to know the Fairview Women’s Hockey Arena Society team. Their support for the community and dedication to renovating the arena into a top-notch facility has been inspiring. They have helped us through the years with Skate with Santa, Spring Fling, public skating and, more recently, finding us ice times for our shinny hockey. A shout out to Patti, Leslie Ann, arena Manager Bruce and their team for their strong support of our community!
We plan to continue to maintain such positive relationships with the groups in our community and hope that we can develop some new ones in 2014!
Happy New Year,

December 2013

It’s hard to believe that it’s December already and Christmas is just a few weeks away! I hope that everyone finds the time to unwind with their families and enjoy the true spirit of Christmas. Please eat, drink and be merry, but stay safe out there! And come join us for some early Christmas cheer at Skate with Santa on Sunday, December 15th. A big thank you again to Focus Equities for their sponsorship as well as In-Definite Arts and Fairview Women’s Hockey Arena Society for their ongoing support of this event.

My thanks also go out to Carah Scherwitz and Vanessa Hanel for stepping up to join the board! We look forward to their community-building involvement in the years ahead! I would also like to publicly thank Kara Fredrickson for stepping up into the crucial role of Treasurer and Pat Hirsche for staying on as Secretary and taking on the membership duties! And of course, to the rest of the Board for sticking with it!

As mentioned previously, we are not having an organized door-to-door membership drive this year, but we are having a ‘silent’ drive this month. See our insert in this month’s newsletter for details as we have made it as easy as possible to get a membership this year. Please support your community by buying a membership for this shortened membership year at a reduced cost. Without members we don’t exist!

It was great to see such a strong turnout for the inaugural Community Gardening Initiative meeting in November! More information will be coming soon on this great community-based project – please consider giving it your support in the months to come. Thank you to Katie Morrison for spearheading this initiative.

On a similar community-infrastructure-project note, the possibility of a small, community skatepark has been floated by the City of Calgary as they look to expand their skatepark possibilities across the city. It would be great to see some interested Fairview residents to step forward to investigate this further! Please read on for more info about this possibility.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


November 2013

This past month has been absolutely huge for Fairview and our Association. I was fortunate to attend Alberta Culture Days at both In-Definite Arts and the Korean Art Club and witness the diverse art activities happening right here in Fairview. We all can’t wait to see the stone mosaic adorn the outside of In-Definite Arts in the future! I also had the honor of being a guest speaker at the Korean Art Club’s celebration evening and really appreciated their warm hospitality.

Our AGM was held on September 30th and what an amazing boost of support from our membership! We had over 50 people in attendance, a great social experience, overwhelming approval on all motions presented and we completed the next phase in our bylaw amendments! To everyone who helped out and attended, I can’t thank you enough! More about the AGM as you read on.

Out of our AGM came a major change for the Association – our membership and fiscal year have been streamlined and changed to March 1st to the last day in February. However, to adjust to this new timeline, the current “year” will be a short year, with the membership year being October 1st to February 28th. Memberships are on sale now and given the shortened year, 2013-2014 will only be $5. More info can be found in this newsletter or on our website.

Work on Flint Park finally got underway in October and an update follows in these pages. The pathway has been installed and has already been getting significant use!

Fairview also hosted its first shinny hockey event last month. Although the turnout was small, there was a lot of positive energy to keep it going and our signup list has doubled in the past month! Another shinny is scheduled for November 17th. Our first public skate of the season (everyone welcome!) is on November 10th.

I think the biggest highlight of the month went to Pins for Playgrounds. A near sellout crowd at a local venue, a great group of people in a wonderfully social atmosphere, everyone having a good time, lots of laughs and getting to know their neighbours. I don’t think I have heard so many positive comments from one event before! I think everyone is looking forward to more in the future!

I would also like to thank Donna Wynnychuk publicly one more time as Donna has stepped down from the Board after decades of unwavering commitment to this community. Thank you Donna!

On that note, I would like to put another call out to individuals who might be interested in joining the Board – I know a few of you are out there! We have been making great strides, but there is still much more fun and interesting work to champion. We would love to see Board involvement in traffic issues, fundraising, the Community Gardening Initiative, social activities, etc. Please come and check us out!

Lastly, I’ll put a bug in your ear – Casino event coming in March 2014 – this is by far our biggest fundraising event going and we need volunteers! Mark your calendar for March 20th and 21st. More info will come in the next couple of newsletters.

November should be a little quieter, but we will do our best to keep the momentum going!



October 2013

We had a perfect night for our Fairview Family Festival and Film Night on September 13th! Big thank yous to all the the businesses that helped out, the Board, our helpers during the event and Kara for taking this event on! And, of course, to all of those who attended, thank you for your support! It wouldn’t be a success without bodies in lawn chairs and blankets! Read further on for more details!

If this newsletter gets to you in time, don’t forget about Alberta Culture Days at In-Definite Arts and the Calgary Korean Association on September 27-29th! And one last nudge to attend our uber-important AGM on Monday, September 30th (more info elsewhere in this newsletter) – members, please support us by attending!

Thank you to the Kearns for stepping into the newsletter delivery route for the west side of Fairview. And a big thanks to the Damudes for their commitment for the past year and more with this route. We really appreciate your help! And while I’m at it, a nod to the Alexander/McLean family for their ongoing help with the east route!

On the Flint Park front, there has obviously been some delay in work getting started – I was informed by our City rep that there has been some technical issues to work out regarding the established trees in the park. They are doing everything they can to get the work done before the snow flies, hopefully it will be underway by the time you read this!

I am pleased to announce the inaugural Adult Shinny Hockey ice time is a go! Thanks to all those who contacted me with their interest, but don’t fear, we can still use a few more bodies – read on!

Please come out to support Pins for Playgrounds on October 18th! Don’t be shy, we would love to see this event sellout, so get a team together – who doesn’t like a little bowling? And the money raised stays in your community and also supports a local and locally-owned bowling alley!

October is another busy month on the heels of a eventful September. Don’t forget to get out and vote on October 21st!

September 2013

We are very excited to be hosting the Fairview Family Festival and Film Night on September 13th. We were very lucky to be able to get a license to show Monsters University in pre-release before it comes to DVD!! We are also excited to show off Flavelle Park for this event for the first time! We have lots of exciting things happening at this event – be sure to bring all of your family and friends to this event!  A big thank you goes out to our Alderman Gian-Carlo Carra and his Ward 9 community fund for providing some funding for this event! More info can be found on the insert in this newsletter and on our website,
I can’t stress the importance of our upcoming AGM and bylaw review enough. Community Association members, please mark your calendars for Monday, September 30th for this very important event! We need a good turnout to be able to pass this important resolution. Our bylaw information is available on our website, or a paper copy can be provided for those who would prefer this. The event will also be full of important community information and updates!
Flint Park work should be getting underway soon. Please be patient with the construction crews and noise and reduced use of the alley along Flint Park and possibly Flint Road. Please be safe and stay away from the construction area, especially dogs and kids! There will be plenty of time to enjoy the park once the work is done. We will have updates including photos on our website as the work progresses.
We have had a fabulous August and I have thoroughly enjoyed walking around Fairview to see all of the work that people are doing around our community, meeting people and just enjoying the summer. Hopefully our 2013-2014 Fairview Community Association year is full of more successes!

August 2013

I hope you have all been enjoying the summer so far! Although the board officially “takes the summer off”, there is no shortage of work to do in the off-season to prepare for the fall as well as some exciting things going on in Fairview over the next month or two – much of this work is highlighted in more detail as you read on. We are very excited about ongoing park development, the imminent Park ‘n’ Play / Stay ‘n’ Play program coming to Fairview in the next couple of weeks, our new Facebook page (have you joined yet?), playground regeneration, our upcoming bylaw review and September’s Fairview Family Festival and Film Night (September 13th) and our Annual General Meeting!
We were fortunate as a community to be spared from any significant flood damage, but I’m sure most of us know someone who was affected. I also know that there were Fairview residents who helped out with the cleanup efforts and for that our city is grateful to you! Please also consider making a donation to one of the various relief efforts and organizations to help out your fellow citizens.
It was nice to see Fairmount Drive, north of Flint, finally got the repaving work that it deserved. Hopefully this is the end (for awhile anyway) of pothole alley in the northbound lanes and the rollercoaster ride in the southbound lanes!
Please stay safe and we will see you in September!

June 2013

Wow! That’s the first word that comes to mind when I reflect back on the spring cleanup events this year. This year seemed to be all about setting new records. We asked (and begged!) for your help in many different ways, and you came through for us beyond our expectations. We had more Parade of Garage Sale registrants than ever, a hugely busy Spring Fling day, huge concession sales and donations and just an unbelievable amount of bottles for the playground fundraising! Read on for full write-ups for these events. The bar certainly has been set pretty high for years to come!
During the cleanup events, I couldn’t help but think how inspiring this type of community building is. We had people volunteer their time in many different ways and donations were extraordinary. It is times like these that make us all appreciate living in a close-knit community where everyone helps pitch in. We’ve done a lot over the past few years, but there is still a lot of work to be done! Let’s continue to ride this wave of momentum and continue to make Fairview a stronger, cleaner, safer, more beautiful place to live!
Even though we take a small break for the summer months, there are several exciting things coming up this summer. First, work will begin on park improvements for Flint Park sometime this summer – we are hugely anticipating these improvements, which will finally see an appropriate, safe off-leash dog area with fencing! A pathway will also finally be added to this park to significantly improve accessibility. You can see the full plans at our website,
For the families, Fairview will be hosting Park ‘n’ Play and Stay ‘n’ Play, the City of Calgary-run kids summer activity programs, August 12-16th at the community building. An insert in this month’s newsletter will have all the details or you can check out the website: And we are planning on having our annual Movie in the Park night in early September! Stay tuned for details about this event.
Lastly, coming later in September will be our Annual General Meeting. All members are encouraged to attend – we really need some strong support at this meeting this year as we are planning on having a major bylaw review, so keep us in mind for September!

May 2013

Fairview’s 2013 spring cleanup events are underway! By the time you read this, our Parade of Garage Sales will have been completed, but fell after our printing deadline. We will have a full wrap-up on all of the spring events in our next newsletter.
We can still use a handful of volunteers for Spring Fling on Sunday, May 5th – this event is one of our most important events of the year, but it cannot be successful without the help of volunteers. Please consider volunteering for this event – the day is a lot of fun, you get to be outside, meet some neighbours and have lunch on us! Please contact me (phone 403-454-8327 or email if you can help out. Cookie bakers are also direly needed for the Playground Committee’s cookie walk (see Playground Update)
Speaking of Spring Fling, everything is set up for a successful day, we just need some cooperation from Mother Nature! A correction to be made: we will be accepting batteries, 6V or greater ONLY! (Thank you to Mike for picking up that oversight.). We have also added personal paper shredding to this year’s event on top of the usual items – if you misplaced your insert from last month, the information is available on our website. Although this event if free for all Fairview residents, please consider making a small donation at the gate to support all the important work that your community association does for Fairview! So we hope to see everyone there – if you don’t have any stuff to dump, come out to buy lunch or some cookies or just stop to chat!
Hazardous Waste Roundup will ’round’ out the events this year on Saturday, May 11th. This event is free for all members, $10 for non-members – please note the fee increase for this year and get your membership before it’s too late! This event will become every-other-year from now on, so the next event won’t be until 2015. The Playground Committee will also be holding their annual bottle drive so bring ’em all down – see the Playground Update for more info on this.
I hope to see you out at one or more of our events this spring!

April 2013

The 2013 Fairview spring cleanup events are just around the corner. We have a lot of great improvements and additions to this year’s events. The information for these events is included on each event’s webpage. A special thank you to Paul and Charlotte for all their hard work on the insert design and putting up with many last minute additions!
Up first in April, the Parade of Garage Sales! Saturday, April 27th. The highlights for this year: Ed Belanger of Maxwell Realty has generously sponsored this event, to help us cover the costs of advertisting, maps and signage. The day has been shortened slightly (ends at 2pm instead of 3pm) to better reflect the crowd turnout. Home-base for map pick up and concession will be at the Fairmount Medical Clinic and concession will be run by JoJo’s BBQ, a YYC Food Truck! Members are still free, there is now a $5 entry fee for non-members, so get your membership today! And get your sale registered soon as it should be our best year yet! A huge thank-you to Charlotte Clarke for her commitment to organizing this event!
Spring Fling follows the garage sales, but please note that the date has changed to Sunday, May 5th. Let’s hope the weather is a little kinder this year! Volunteers are always needed for this event, so please consider helping out (lunch provided too!). This event will be free for all Fairview residents, but we would greatly appreciate a donation at the gate to help us support the Community Association and our vital work. In addition to our usual accepted items, we have added personal paper shredding to this event (thank you Fairview resident Jane for her push on this) – so bring out your personal documents for proper disposal.
Lastly is the Household Hazardous Waste Round-up and Playground Committee Bottle Drive on Saturday, May 11th. We will highlight the details and changes to this event in the next newsletter!

March 2013

As our weather fluctuated a lot this winter, I noticed a lot of icy conditions throughout our neighbourhood as snow melted, then froze over our properties and sidewalks. Unfortunately, this set up a lot of dangerous situations. Please keep in mind that we have many seniors in this community as well as other individuals with mobility difficulties. Such conditions make it treacherous for them to do something as simple as going for a stroll around the block, something I know many seniors like to do. And remember, you can be held legally responsible if you are not maintaining a safe sidewalk and someone injures themselves on it.
Similarly, as spring rolls around, take a look at your property and ensure that your trees, shrubs and property do not obstruct sidewalks. I walk around this neighbourhood a lot and commonly see hedges that drape over the sidewalk, tree branches that hang at head-striking height and junk left around for people to trip on and invite crime.
Let’s all pitch in to make this community a cleaner and safer place. Remember, the spring cleanup events are around the corner, so this is the perfect time to throw in some elbow grease and get rid of this stuff for free… with a membership, of course!

February 2013

Community associations across this city give a lot back to their community and do a tremendous amount of work both in the forefront and behind the scenes. Most community associations also run tight budgets and often rely on donations, grants and slim revenue from membership fees. The Fairview Community Association is no different. While it may not seem obvious, the expenses of running such an organization are significant and typically amount to $30,000-40,000.You may be familiar with some of our events, but can you guess what they cost? Our Hazardous Waste Roundup runs $1500-2000, “free” public skating costs just over $1000, our snow shoveling program net cost last year was $3900 and our most expensive event, Movie in the Park, costs us around $5000 each year! On top of that are all our fixed operating costs including, but certainly not limited to, office rent ($3000), insurance ($1600), audit expenses ($2000) and this newsletter at a substantial $6000 per year!While I am not bemoaning the fact that stuff costs money, it is important to let our residents know that we provide a lot and yet ask for very little. Every little bit helps us in the non-profit world and we kindly ask for your support in the future by buying a membership, volunteering, making a donation and supporting our events. And if you can help with our fundraising efforts through helping with events, grant writing, donating your time, etc. please let us know.

January 2013

I was extremely uplifted last month when reading through our Rant, Rave, Remark or Rebut column in the newsletter. The personal connections and historical relevance from the contributors was remarkable and it’s personal stories like those that keep us doing what we are doing to make this community a better place. We would love to hear more of this from our residents, both long-term and short-term. Who knows, perhaps there is history buff out there who would like to compile Fairview’s history for generations to come!
A Happy New Year to you and your family! If I can selfishly suggest a New Year’s resolution, perhaps it could be to put aside some time in your busy schedule to help out your community association and the important work that they do! We are always looking for like-minded people to help us with the ongoing duties that keep this community evolving.

December 2012

Building Relationships

As I mentioned in last month’s message, part of my mandate for this presidency is to continue the successes of recent relationship building with various people and organizations. In this regard, I extend a hand out to you. This community has made some great strides in the past several years, but there is so much more that we can do to make this a wonderful place to live. Every time I walk our streets, I see the possibilities of better public spaces, better engagement, better events and programs and a better place for our kids. But we cannot complete this work without your help.

We have a lot of great ideas on ways to improve this community whether they involve crime, traffic, parks, events, community gardening, adopt-a-rink, seniors or the whole lot. If these or other issues concern or interest you, please consider stepping up and helping out – we want to hear from you! The board is very open minded and we all have the betterment of this community in common. And by stepping up, this does not just mean that you need to join our board. Little things matter too and just by attending events, donating to our causes, purchasing a membership, spreading the word, volunteering for an event, being part of a committee or the like, you are helping your community.

I would like to make a special call out to the seniors of this community. Over the past couple of years I have often heard from seniors that “I’m too old…” or “I used to be involved, but now my kids have grown up…”. This community does not stop giving back to you once you hit 60. We may not currently have a lot of programs for seniors, but this is more a function of the lack of representation from seniors than from a lack of caring. I know you are out there, you make up over 25% of us! We want to help you, but we need you to help us first by being involved.

In all of my work, I have always maintained an open door policy and I plan to continue this throughout my presidency. Whether by phone, in person, email, website comments, etc. I have no intention of changing this policy. Please let us know how we can help.


Dave Eisenbart
President, Fairview Community Association




November 2012

It is a great honor for me to take over the presidency of the Fairview Community Association and add my name to a list of exceptional individuals who have led this community through great times in the past. First, I would like to send an enormous thank you to my predecessor, Donna Wynnychuk, for all of her dedication and hard work over the past many years. Donna has been involved in this community for decades and puts in a ton of work for this association, often tending to behind-the-scenes details that go unrecognized, and never asks for any recognition in return. We are all in her debt, so please say thank you and congratulations to her when you see her next!

I have set three main goals for my term as President:

 1) Financial sustainability – Simply put, although we are not in dire straits, we are not currently in a sustainable long-term financial situation. I have made this our top priority moving forward as without it we cannot endure. All options will be considered for revenue generation and review of our spending. A budget review committee will be formed (see posting elsewhere in this newsletter) to review these details and report to the board.
 2) Building relationships – I have been heavily involved in the parks and playgrounds work over the past year and a half. During that process, there was inspiring, collaborative work done between the community association, businesses, the City of Calgary and even some other non-profits. I would love to continue this type of work with as many local groups as possible and build on this success.
 3) Communications – With the rapid change in technology and methods of communication we must adapt or lose our connection to the changing demographic. While I still strongly support our traditional communication delivery, more diversity also needs to be considered.
 I look forward to the challenges ahead and take great pride in representing this community. I have always felt that we have a very unique community with enormous potential. I hope that you will support us along the way!
Dave Eisenbart
President, Fairview Community Association