Flint Park Update – June 2020

Flint Park Ashphalt panorma_202006




June 2020

Asphalt is now going down on the Flint Bike Park pump track, and it looks great! More asphalt will be going down today and likely through the weekend.  We are hoping

to have all the construction done within a week or so. The question everyone is likely asking is: when will the track open to the public? The answer is that we need to let the newly planted sod establish without being trampled so it will likely be another 2 months before we can open to riders. Stay tuned.

Thanks to everyone who came out to help hauling asphalt this week, you made the job go way faster. And a huge thanks to the Citizens of Fairview who have given through our Parks Foundation Campaign.

Finally we want to give a shout out to the companies who have donated to our project, including a new sponsor: The Bike Shop. Also, Trico Homes, Nak Design Strategies, The Parks Foundation Calgary, Blue Grass Nursery, Maglin Site  Furnishings, AGLC, Calgary Aggregate Recycling, Alberta Construction Rentals, Lafarge Canada.

Flint Park Asphalt workers_20200601

Flint Park Asphalt workers_202006