Board Member Profile Sam Koots

April 2022

Board Member Profile:
Sam Koots – Director at Large – Newsletter Editor

My name is Sam Koots and this is my fifth year as a board member for the Fairview Community Association (CA). My wife and I have lived here for nine years total and we have two sons aged six and three, and we are about to welcome our third child this coming summer.

I first got involved in the CA because I had hoped to see some kind of revitalization done to the south end of Flint Park. Little did I know that I would be put in charge of a (challenging but rewarding!) three-year mission, eventually resulting in the building of the Fairview Pump Track. Before joining, I never understood just how much influence the volunteers of the CA have when it comes to building and maintaining a safe, clean, and social community. From day one I was able to use my talents and drive to not only work towards the Pump Track park revitalization, but a whole host of other things in our community. The City really does listen to what CA’s have to say, and there are a host of City resources available to Communities when it comes to addressing issues that come up in the community (think: speeding, snow removal, crime, beautification, etc).

Perhaps the most rewarding aspect of being a part of the CA though, is the friendships that I have developed within the community. I now know someone who lives on just about every street in the Fairview. When I’m out trick-or-treating with my kids or going to the playground in the summertime, I am always running into other board members, or people I met at a bottle drive, or park build or Casino.

Fairview in Focus will be profiling a new Board Member each month. Could you see yourself volunteering to join the Fairview Community Association Board of Directors? The time commitment can be as little as three hours a month (and nothing during the summer!) We have seen our ranks drop off recently, so we will need more keen, talented people to join our board in the next year. New board members are typically elected during our Annual General Meeting, being planned for this coming June (or September–Date TBA). We are currently meeting online, and our monthly meetings are open to all residents with a CA membership, so email if you’d like to an invite so you can see what it’s all about.