Playground Update

An update on the Flavelle Playground status:

The Fairview Community Association has approved and is currently applying for an account with the Parks Foundation (known as Project Gift Administration (PGA), for more details, see: This is a financial management system run by the Parks Foundation to manage the playground/park rebuild monies which is very commonly used by organizations like ours when doing these sorts of projects. The big benefit is that it will provide charitable status and ability to write tax-deductible receipts for donations (currently, the FCA is a non-profit and therefore cannot provide charity receipts). It also allows us to apply for the Parks Foundation grants, up to $25,000 per project – you cannot apply for these funds without their PGA setup.

The FCA has also approved to provide a portion of previous casino funds towards the Flavelle playground, which should ensure that Flavelle is built this year! The FCA also agreed to explore the idea of other improvements at Flavelle Park to improve the atmosphere and public space beyond just the playground. For example, improved sitting areas, picnic sites, fence replacement, tree planting, etc. The City of Calgary has given approval to begin discussions with us regarding this (i.e. very early stages, nothing guaranteed at this point), but both the FCA and the City have agreed that we need a decent amount of public input/feedback to gauge the interest and support in doing this. We will be starting with an online survey likely released in April and likely a town hall or special meeting in the later spring time. Please keep your ear to the ground regarding these things and give some thought into what you would like to see happen at each park or greenspace in Fairview. The survey will be thorough and all options will be considered where appropriate! Make sure you fill out this survey!

The BUILD!! 

We are tentatively planning on having the Flavelle playground build this summer!! We need to set a date fairly soon in order to book the installation people (before they get too booked up) and were thinking about having the build in middle to later August, prior to back to school. We realize that everyone will not be around/available, but we are not certain that we can do it any sooner or much later. Please let us know your thoughts on this – tentative weekends would be Aug 17/18/19 or Aug 24/25/26th.

Upcoming fundraisingplease let us know if you can help with any of these. We really need help!

1. Playground Garage Sale – Sat. April 28th, in conjunction with the Fairview Parade of Garage Sales

We need more item donations – if you have anything you want to donate for us to sell at the garage sale for  fundraising (100% of proceeds will go to the playgrounds), please let us know. The items need to be individually priced and with your initials on them. You will be able to drop off your stuff at the designated site a couple of days prior to the sale (if you need to make special arrangements, please contact Melody). Or, if needed, we may be able to pick up your stuff.

After the sale, you have one week to pick your stuff up and anything left over will go to charity or to the free pickup at our Spring Fling event the following Saturday.

Tracy has a friend with the Children’s Cottage, they may be able to pick up stuff suitable for kids.

We need 2-3 people to help set up, run the sale, and clean up after. Thank you Melissa for donating her garage to have the playground garage sale!

2. Spring Cookie Walk – Sat. May 5th at Fairview’s Spring Fling

We need a volunteer coordinator and a couple of volunteers to help sell cookies – this requires very little work – the coordinator needs to coordinate bakers, deliver containers to the bakers then pick up cookies the night before the Spring Fling. We raised over $600 at this event last spring – that pays for the Talk Tubes at the new playground! The FCA can also use volunteers for other duties if you are keen!

3. Bottle Drive, Sat. May 12th in conjunction with Hazardous Waste Roundup

We need a couple of volunteers to help with unloading bottles from vehicles and/or pick up bottles from houses if needed (vehicle required!). We raised over $1000 at the last bottle drive, enough to buy a Crazy Cup for the playground, but we would like to shatter that number this year! Like last year, we MAY deliver leaflets door-to-door the week prior to the bottle drive as this was a great reminder for people to bring in their bottles, and likely contributed to the success – if you could volunteer a small amount of time to deliver leaflets on your street (or other nearby streets), please let us know! On average with steady walking, you can deliver to about 2 houses per minute.

4. Fairview Community Association’s Casino, Wed/Thurs, June 13th and 14th. 

The FCA is very generously providing us with casino money for our build(s) (this is a very significant amount of money for Flavelle and likely future playground builds). Therefore, it would be very appropriate and appreciated if playground committee people can step up and help out with this event as they require about 25 people to fill shifts. The shifts are 8 hours (there is a day shift and an evening shift each day), but they are extremely easy to do (no skills required except basic counting!!) and there is a LOT of downtime that you can use to do your own projects, read, watch TV, etc. etc. Please let us know if you can help out. A meal is also provided at the casino restaurant.