Interested in community gardening in Fairview?

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May 2014

The Fairview Community Association has endorsed a community garden initiative in Fairview! A community garden is a shared piece of land gardened by a group of community residents from all walks of life.  Community gardens enhance the beauty of the area by creating a natural community space to grow food and flowers and connect people through gardening in a common area or visiting the garden.

Fairview has great parks and green spaces that are currently being revitalized.  The community garden initiative complements the parks and playground initiatives and gives people one more reason to get out and enjoy our green spaces. This exciting initiative will promote connection to community, nature and healthy local food in our community.

garden1As the name suggests this initiative needs the help of the community.  Whether you are an experienced gardener or have never planted a garden before, all you need is enthusiasm!  We will need help with coordination, communications, budgeting, construction, vision and design, education, fundraising and much more. To volunteer with this committee or for more information contact