In-Definite Arts and Fairview Arena upgrades

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June 18th, 2014 Update:

Open for business! The lower level renos are totally complete and this week saw the first usage of the space – In-Definite Arts held their AGM first on Monday, followed by Fairview’s AGM on Wednesday and an grand re-opening Soiree on Thursday! We are ecstatic to have this beautiful space usable again and we know it will serve everyone well for many years to come!


April 19th, 2014 Update:

Furniture was installed this week as well as artwork in the main foyer downstairs – it is really looking nice with a lot of added colour!


April 8th, 2014 Update:

The Fairview Community Association office was completed and all our stuff was moved into our new space – a little organization is still required! The gallery has cleaned up nicely and the finishing touches are going in. Our old office was cleaned out, painted and new shelving installed to give IDA a significantly larger amount of storage space.


March 8th, 2014 Update:

Finishing work continues in March – the wheelchair ramp iron railing has been installed and more recently some glass has been added to it, putting a classy touch into the gallery area. The painting has been completed and the cleanup crew has come through. Shelving has been delivered and is in the process of being installed. Final bathroom fixtures are being completed.


February 1st, 2014 Update:

Work is nearly done on the lower level renos! (for real this time;) The largest remaining piece, the new furnace and duct work, is finally complete and finishing work is well underway. The new bathrooms are installed, last bits of drywall are being completed, painting is nearly done, some final electrical work is finished and trim work should be completed soon. After that it should just be cleanup and finishing of the hardwood floors before move in! We can’t wait to move in to our new digs!


January 1st, 2014 Update:

At press time, things are looking great downstairs. The dropped ceiling work has nearly been completed throughout the lower level, hardwood flooring has been installed in the gallery and carpeting and vinyl flooring has been put in throughout the remainder. Bathrooms are being completed, doors are being installed and the new furnace will be put in very soon.


December 3rd, 2013 Update:

After some delay in waiting for the new furnace, work is back underway! The gallery work is nearly finished with installation of a suspended ceiling and hardwood floor recently completed. The new accessible elevator is fully installed. New duct work and installation of the new furnace is underway. Once this is complete, only finishing work will be needed and completion is expected later this month!

October 30th, 2013 Update:

Major progress! The drywall work has been completed which has completely transformed the interior! Wiring and plumbing work is also essentially done and preliminary elevator mechanics have been installed. The gallery has been completely cleaned up in prep for finishing work. Unfortunately, due to some furnace issues, an additional delay will push completion to the end of November. We can’t wait to move into our new digs!


October 5th, 2013 Update:

A small amount of exterior work has been done over the past couple of weeks – the garbage enclosure was painted and the concrete on the stairs going up to IDA were redone due to drainage issues and resultant deterioration. Inside all the rough plumbing work has been completed and the office/washroom/foyer area has been cleaned up in preparation for drywalling and finishing work.


August 29th, 2013 Update:

Work continues to roll along at the centre of our community. All of the rear parking lot work has been completed and it is open for business! The upgrades look wonderful and are a big improvement to the area.
Renos to the IDA lower level are also moving along. Interior framing has been completed and an elevator shaft is being roughed in. Unfortunately, the expected completion date has been pushed back to mid to late October. Please check back for updates regularly.



July 22nd, 2013 Update:

In-Definite Arts upgrades:

Interior and exterior work continues at In-Definite Arts. The garbage bin enclosure work was completed in May, followed by the demolition and reconstruction of the parking lot entrance onto Fredson Drive in June/July. This new exit combines the old two driveways into one and moves it further away from the busy intersection at Fairmount Drive. Just waiting for the grass to sprout and the front parking lot work is done!
Interior work has restarted after a hiatus due to some furnace issues that had to be worked out. Interior framing has begun in the gallery area. You may have also noticed some beautiful flowers hung on the fence along Fairmount Drive, which were created by local kids (and a few adults!) participating in last year’s Alberta Culture Days as well as In-Definite artists.
Fairview Arena upgrades:

A development permit was recently approved by the City of Calgary to improve the lower parking lot area on the north side of the arena. This work will see a proper ramp from the upper parking lot to the lower one. The lower parking lot will be regraded and repaved and a catch basin for drainage will be added. There will be separate parking for staff and patrons as well as handicap parking and room for the Olympia to dump snow. The narrow laneway at the back (east) will then be closed to vehicles, eliminating this unsafe passageway. Construction should begin by August.


Original article:

In-Definite Arts Society has secured full funding for completing renovations to the lower level of the community building. The Fairview Community Association has contributed $40,000 of Alberta Gaming monies as a legacy project to install an elevator in this building. Given In-Definite Arts’ mandate involving disabled individuals, this elevator is an important part of this project and ongoing function of the building. Community members who have helped with casinos in the past can be proud to have our name on this project!!

The renovations also include a new office for the Fairview Community Association, fully accessible washrooms, a more open concept in the main area, a wider wheelchair ramp down to the art gallery, a closed off kitchen and various cosmetic improvements. Renos are underway and pictures are in the gallery above!

Plans of the renovations can be found here (sorry, not a high res file!):

Lower level floor plan