Flint Park Concept Plans

On October 30th, 2012 at the Fairview Community Association’s Special General Meeting, the City of Calgary unveiled preliminary concept plans for Flint Park. The plans include significant upgrades and changes to help improve the functionality, use and esthetics of this valuable green space.

The plans were developed with input from residents through our Parks Survey as well as  through consultation with the Fairview Community Association and various experts at the City of Calgary Parks Department. Some adjustments to the plans may still be made, but hopes are to have plans finalized this winter.

The primary changes/additions to the park include, but are not limited to:

– adding an asphalt pathway at the north end of the park, changing to a limestone trail at the junction of the off-leash area

– considering moving the playground site to the north end former rink site in order to improve accessibility, visibility and connection to the local businesses on Fairmount Drive

– new benches throughout the park and new picnic tables at the playground site

– over 50 additional trees for esthetics, shade, screening from the alley and Flint Road as well as succession planting

– naturalized grass areas throughout the park to act as an esthetic border/screen and reduce maintenance inputs

– a chain-link fence in the off-leash area to significantly improve the safety by providing a barrier for dog-traffic conflicts

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Click on the link below to open the PDF concept plans:

Flint Park Concept Plans


As mentioned, the concept plans were influenced strongly by the results of our Parks Survey. An executive summary of the Flint Park specific results can be found at the following link:

Flint Park Executive Summary

The full Parks Survey results can be found here.



  1. I am not sure about the placement of the playground …. down at the bottom of the greenspace near the busy intersection? What is wrong with the space up top or half way down. I feel it is alot quieter and farther from traffic up where it is. Especially with no fence. . It seems to be on the farthest point of the neighbourhood. The placement of the playground this close to such traffic makes us nervous. Can this be addressed somehow.