Flint Park upgrades nearing completion!

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August 24th, 2014 Update: Last week saw some enormous additions to Flint Park park. On August 14-17th, the new playground was installed at the new location towards the north end of the park. This was a major community project involving nearly 90 volunteers and a massive undertaking utilizing relationships between the community, individuals, businesses and two levels of government. Full details and all of the pictures of the build can be found here. During the week that followed, the Flint Park utility box at the north end of the park was also painted by Calgary artist Negin Bagherynejad. More info on the beautiful art and the artist can be found here.


June 28th, 2014 Update: The last stretch of the paved pathway was prepped and paved, fully connecting the pathway to the intersection at Flint and Fairmount. Off-leash entering/exiting signs were also installed this week – please note that the off-leash area encompasses ONLY the area that is fenced. Outside of this area is an ON-LEASH area. Please respect these boundaries and be a good dog-owner ambassador!


May 24th, 2014 Update: The remainder of the chain link fencing has been installed, finally making Flint Park a usable off-leash area! Unfortunately, the electrical utility box at the north end of the park was tagged with graffiti – as a result, the Community Association has requested that this utility box be added to the list for the City of Calgary utility box art project for this year!


May 18th 2014 Update: All of the benches and picnic tables have been installed and finishing work around them has been completed. Grass has been reseeded in areas that were disturbed throughout the park. A large number of trees were also planted throughout the park in the past week. The chain link fence installation has begun (about halfway done at this time) which will make this a true, safe off-leash dog park – usage should increase significantly once this is done. Following fence completion, naturalization of some of the grassy areas will be the final touch to this park before the Community Association playground build this August!


May 2nd, 2014 Update: Work has restarted this week on Flint Park. All the sites for the new benches were excavated, new benches were installed and the backfill completed. The concrete pads for the new picnic tables at the north flat area were also completed. And the last portion of the paved pathway at the corner of Flint and Fairmount that couldn’t be completed last fall (due to requirement of moving the large road sign) has also started. A few more finishing touches left to go!


December 1st, 2013 Update: Due to the June floods in Calgary, major parks projects got substantially delayed, including Flint Park. We were lucky to have work started in October, but, unfortunately, due to the late start, only a portion of the work will be completed in fall, the remainder in spring. The pathway work is essentially all complete, including a short/low rock retaining wall along one portion of the pathway. Installation of the park furniture and the off-leash fence will commence in the spring and seeding for the naturalized areas will be put off until spring. Installation of the post and cable barrier along the alley will be delayed until the City can evaluate the usage of the upgraded park – thank you to local residents for coming forward with concerns about this aspect!


October 5th, 2013 Update: Work began this week on excavation for the new pathway that will run most of the length of the park. New trees were planted throughout the park in the summer and have been watered throughout the dry season. Installation of the post and cable fence along the alley will be postponed until the park is reopened and park use is re-evaluated.


The Flint Park plans can be found here:

Flint Park Plans Final

As mentioned, these plans were influenced strongly by the results of our Parks Survey. An executive summary of the Flint Park specific results can be found at the following link:

Flint Park Executive Summary

The full Parks Survey results can be found here.