Flavelle Playground Build – Another Community Success!

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The Flavelle playground build on August 24th and 25th was a great success, although we did not have the weather on our side for the Friday morning! We would like to say an extra special thank you to those Penn West Exploration volunteers who came out and battled through the rain and our mud pit on Friday! Another thank you goes out to the bobcat operator from Heninger Landscaping for digging our post holes… he had a very challenging environment and at one point we were not sure if he would be able to finish the holes!

Thankfully, by the time Focus Equities’ hot catered lunch came the sun was starting to peek through the clouds, the holes for all the posts were augered and we all started to warm up and dry out. The afternoon also brought out a few more volunteers from the community and we had our first piece of playground equipment in the ground! The afternoon continued with a flurry of activity as more post holes were filled with equipment. Around 5 pm, the dark clouds rolled in again and we got caught in a nice little hail storm while we were frantically cleaning up!

Saturday was a completely different story. As the playground equipment was pretty much assembled (other than a few panels to go on), our many community and SAWHA volunteers got down to work tightening bolts, righting the posts, and getting things ready for our concrete. Inland Cement donated all of the concrete for our playground posts as well as for our new concrete pads for our future picnic tables and benches.

A big thank you to Jeremy and Harold Boldt for rescuing the day and finishing the concrete pads at the 11th hour!  We also had the children of the build volunteers come out and make hand prints in two of the picnic table concrete sites.  By lunch time, all the cement had been poured, and was now firming up, all that was left to do was finishing tightening a few the bolts, clean up the site and a site inspection by BDI!  We were finished by 2:30pm.

Our Ward 9 Alderman, Gian-Carlo Carra and his father were also out to lend a hand to the build. Alderman Carra used the opportunity to film an episode of his webcast, Ward 9 TV, about the playground build. This can be viewed at: http://www.rabbitview.com/gian-carlo-carra/ward-9-tv-episode-39?page=0

We would like to thank our may sponsors and volunteers.  You all helped make this a reality and the children of Fairview thank you for your support! In the end, this was an inspiring show of bringing a whole community together for the betterment of all!

Our Core Build Sponsors:

Focus Equities Penn West Exploration Inland Cement
City of Calgary Parks Department Fairview Community Association Heninger Landscaping
Parks Foundation Calgary

Our helpful friends who supported our build by providing food, drinks and supplies:

Real Canadian Superstore Deerfoot Meadows Starbucks Deerfoot Meadows Focus Equities
Calgary Co-op Macleod Trail Wild Rose Bakery Jag’s Pizza
Pita Queen CARE Centre Animal Hospital Shoppers Drug Mart Acadia

Thank you to the following individuals for providing food for the build:
Billie Rae Busby, Robyn Boldt, Carrie Schung, Andrea Tombrowski, Tracy Sanford and Melody Eisenbart.

And last but not least all our hard dedicated volunteers that helped build the playground through the rain, sun, hail, and worked in the mud pit! The gang from Penn West Exploration, Janet Thompson, Gardon Sweetnam, Anita Weiss, Justin Sommer, Lauren Gordbeck, Kelly Moore, Cammesia Cruiclshuik, Theresa Frankel, Joel Klyn, Brent Demerchant, Tracy Sanford, Paul Sanford, Melissa Wynnchuk, Robert Isaac, Lindsay Webster, Adam Theaker, Duncan Garner, Laura Kachuck, David Eisenbart, Darrell Paul, Ken Lima-Coelho, Dakota Kramer, Corey Boechler, Elisabeth Northrod, Pat Hirsche, Nicole Walton, Lynn Mageau, Sylvie Lebihaw, Jeff Smulders, Mary-Ann Smulders, Tiffany Allen, Ken Clayton, George Stalker, Jen Smulders, Jeremy Boldt, Troy, Rhonda Shypitka, Nick Lima, Marni Stutz, Deiter Schurig, Robyn Bodlt, Christoff Lebihaw, Gian-Carlo Carra, Harold Carra, Peter Connellan, Al Eisenbart, Allan Cole, Trevor Dickies, Michelle Wong, Harold Boldt.

If we missed anyone, we are very sorry.  Email play@fairviewcommunity.ca and we will add you to our list!