Fairview’s November 2015 Casino – thank you Fairview!

2015 Fairview Casino

Thank you to all of the volunteers who graciously gave their time to help us run our casino in November. We could not have done it without the help of the people below! The casino ran very smoothly and there were some high roller payouts especially on the second day. Also special thanks to our casino advisors, Paul, Bill and Miranda who once again make this event so much fun! We should find out in February or March about how much money we will be receiving from AGLC from this event, so stay tuned. Our next casino likely won’t be until 2017, so stay tuned!

Thank you to our volunteers:

Shelley Williams

Greg & Susan Rushford

Betty Mackin

Kara Fredrickson

Vanessa Hanel

Bonnie Briand

Cam Nelson

Judy Wood

Tony Budhwani

Lorraine Bedet

Bianca Jesic

Colin Herbert

Kim Martin

Carol & Frank Gerritson

Donna Wynnychuk

Melanie Wynnychuk

Leah Fiebelkorn

Dale Conley

Melody & David Eisenbart

Lynda Howes

Vern & Nancy Lavallie

Giselle Wilson

Jerry Charlton

Joanne Norton

Stacey McDougall

Riena Knouse

Chuck Wilson

Erin Boettger

Steven Grandberg

Beth Parsons Blackburn

Donna High