Fairview cleaned!

Spring Cleanup Events Wrap-Up

We were fortunate this year that the weather cooperated and we had mostly sunny days for all three of our cleanup events! (especially fortunate that the pouring rain held off until the evening of Spring Fling!). Throw in some recent street sweeping and lots of yard work happening in Fairview and we have one clean community!

Thank you so much to all of the volunteers who helped make these events a continued success! Here’s what transpired:


Our 18th Annual Parade of Garage Sales on April 30th, sponsored by Ed Belanger of Maxwell Realty remained extremely popular with garages full of people throughout the day! Sales were again very strong likely because we remain one of the earliest parades in Calgary. We had a total of 34 sales in this year’s parade, down from our record high last year of 44.

Big thank you’s go out to:

Ed Belanger of Maxwell Realty for continued sponsorship of this event!

Stacey McDougall for organizing this event, keeping everything sorted and delivering packages

Paul Van Elsberg of paulparrazzi.com for the design of our beautiful inserts and colourful maps once again!

Digital Post for printing support.

Wilk’s Booth YYC food truck – mmmm… very delicious burgers… hope you didn’t miss out!

The Fairmount Medical Clinic for use of their parking lot during the event and the volunteer crew who helped sweep up the parking lot before the event!

The volunteer crew who helped sweep the medical clinic parking lot the night before the event.


Our 20th Annual Spring Fling Community Cleanup continued to be popular, though slightly less busy likely due to coinciding with Mother’s Day. The weather was decent (not too hot, not too cold) and we had an up and down lineup of vehicles until about 1:00pm. However, with an additional garbage truck starting early in the day this year, the lineup moved a little quicker than the last couple of years.

Between the cookies and lunch fare, the concession sales were just shy of $370 and donations totalled around $280! Thank you for your support! Total weights: 21.6 tons of garbage, 3.7 tons of organics for a total of 25.3 tons! (up from 18.0 tons garbage, 5.2 tons of organics for a total of 23.2 tons in 2015). We had roughly 140 different homes drop off materials plus our volunteer drivers collected from 44 different houses (a modern day record!). There were some issues regarding electronics recycling (our recycler will now only accept personal home electronics such as TV’s, DVD’s, computers), but we will have this sorted out for next year. We are also planning on having tire recycling for next year (and likely every other year as there are minimal amounts of tires dropped off on a every-year basis).

Big thanks go out to:

The City of Calgary for providing their trucks and support for the event.

The private organizations for their involvement – Navajo Metals, Technotrash, and Women in Need Society.

And again thank you to Paul Van Elsberg for the design work on our advertising inserts and Digital Post for printing assistance.

Resident Randy Wentz for help with his loader and services to move/crush heavy materials

SAWHA for providing volunteer parking directors and IDA/Fairview Arena for allowing use of the parking lot

And of course to all of the volunteers from this community – ]you continue to be the biggest reason why this event remains the best in Calgary!


We had, yet again, a perfectly warm, sunny day for the 6th Annual Bottle Drive on May 14th. The day ran very smoothly with volunteer truck drivers collecting all the bottles quickly and a strong volunteer counting crew. Volunteers enjoyed a free lunch and we had everything completed right around 2pm. We raised just over $2500 at this event! (up from around $2100 last year!).

Thank you to: Youth Volunteer Corp for providing a group of hard working youth volunteers for the event; Chinook Bottle Depot for their support of this event; and of course all of the volunteer leaflet deliverers, truck drivers, truck loaders, sorters, cooks and cleanup crew for all of their hard work! We hope to see you out next year!