Bocce & BBQ Fun in Flint Park

A HUGE thanks to two sponsors who provided financial contributions to help make this a FREE BBQ: LIFEMARK PHYSIOTHERAPY HERITAGE HILL, and MLA BRANDY PAYNE.
Our first ever ‘BOCCE and BBQ’ event went down on June 2nd.  Due to some unforeseen circumstances the Lawn Chair Theatre component experienced some delays and hiccups, however the people from The City Of Calgary Recreation still did a great job entertaining the kids, and the visit from CFD Engine 47 was a treat for everyone.  There were even a few games of BOCCE being played!
Most importantly there was beautiful weather and lots of residents coming together to share food and ideas for the revitalization of Flint Park’s South end.  We will be spending the next few weeks analyzing all the input we gathered at the event.  Expect to hear more about our plans for moving forward on this Park project in future editions of this Newsletter as well as on the Fairview Webpage. (And as always if you’d like more information on our plans for this area please contact or any other member of the board.)
A special thanks to all the Volunteers who helped with the event, to CFD Station 14, and to The City Of Calgary Recreation for providing entertainment