Anderson to Heritage Coalition – Resident Input Opportunity March 2

On March 2nd, 20 residents from Fairview will get the chance to meet with Faculty of Environmental Design Masters Students from the University of Calgary. This will be a part of the “Anderson to Heritage” coalition which is a project currently underway that seeks to improve how we move through and among the communities of Fairview, Acadia, Haysboro, Kingsland, Southwood and Willow-Ridge. The students are seeking resident input on the ways you get around and some of the challenges you face plus ideas you might have for making things easier.

We have partnered with the 5 communities around us to advocate for a more vibrant Macleod Trail, and better connectivity between communities. Please join us at our new ‘Anderson to Heritage Coalition’ website.

We have also partnered with Sustainable Calgary and the University of Calgary Faculty of Environmental Design. This winter, ten Masters of Urban Planning students will be studying Fairview!

They can’t do this without knowing about how you interact with The community, and what changes you may want to see.

March 2, 2019, there will be a Community Workshop – space is limited, so please go to the website above to RSVP ASAP!

April 13th will be the Unveiling of the Plans – come check out the designs the students have created for our communities.

Keep your eyes on the Fairview Facebook page for more details or contact a board member if you’re interested in attending the gathering in March. Check out for more information on the Anderson to Heritage Coalition